Do Our Thoughts Affect Our Bodies and Our Lives?


Any self-help or personal development book, worth its 99 cents on amazon Kindle has a chapter or paragraph on it.

The philosophy that positive thinking somehow makes a difference in your life. But is this just some new age pop psychology, or is there scientific proof backing the saying that – changing your thoughts, can change your life?

Being a personal development student and a self-help book author, I know for a fact that our thoughts are incredibly powerful. Whether positive or negative. But don’t take my word for it. You be the judge by the time you finish reading this blog post and watching the scientific video below.

Did you know thoughts are measurable, physical realities that take up mental real estate inside our brains? They are also constantly changing, but we are not passive victims of their change. We can choose our thoughts, and as a result also choose the realities we create. Everything starts with a thought and stinking thinking is akin to self-sabotage.

People who don´t believe they can succeed at something often knowingly or unknowingly, create situations in which their beliefs and expectations eventually became true. It’s called self-fulfilling prophecy. When I discovered this truth while writing my 1st book – 7 Steps To Success – How To Set and Achieve Your Goals, the 1st chapter changed from Get A Vision, to; A success Mindset.

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can or you can´t, your right.” There is a system in your mind that helps find evidence of what you predominantly think about. It’s called the Reticular Activation System or (RAS). This system is believed to be responsible for our heart beat, breathe, sleep, muscle actions and our focus.

Scientists have recently discovered that the RAS is also involved in sorting out whether information received by your brain is important or not. RAS works to help you find evidence of your predominant thoughts. When you focus your thoughts on something, positive or negative, this system will start to try to find evidence of it in your surroundings. Whatever you are focusing on starts to manifest or “pop up” all around you.

Our thoughts are so powerful. They can create realities. Negative thoughts that create negative emotions even directly affect our bodies causing dis-ease. Anger, worry, guilt, hate, resentment, depression have a negative effect upon the body, and can open the door for sickness. Because…

“As a man thinks within himself, so is he.” Prov 23:7

Creating powerful, positive thoughts then begins with what neuroscientists call “neuroplasticity.” The amazing ability of our brains to change and adapt. Literal re-wiring of our grey cells!

This means we are able to change our point of view…no matter what you currently believe. Mind over matter is not some new age fluff. It is scientifically proven and documented. Thoughts can be measured through electromagnetic and quantum physics.

Dr Caroline Leaf a cognitive neuroscientist specializing in Neuropsychology has been researching the Mind-Brain confection since the early 80´s. She has some revealing videos on YouTube, with amazing scientific evidence of what scripture already says. “We can be transformed, by the renewing of your minds” – (Romans 1:2) watch a taste of her findings below.

Dr Leaf has also written one of the best books I’ve read on the mind; Switch On your Brain. Documenting that, indeed positive thinking is not some new-age, pop psychology. As she and many other scientist have already proven; where the mind goes, the man follows.

As always my goal is not to only inspire you, but to also leave you with practical action steps you can take, to apply the information. Life rewards action takers… So here is the Inspiration + Application = Transformation moment, (IAT Principle™)

3 Practical Steps You Can Take To Renew Your Mind: Adapted from my book:

  1. Law of Exposure – Your mind will think most about the things it is exposed to. Be selective about what you expose yourself to. Whether its people, TV shows, Books, Internet pages… you get the drift. I recently watched a disgusting 2 minute video on my Facebook newsfeed, only to have those ugly, negative images came back as flashbacks intruding my mind out of the blue. Have you ever been there? It took a lot of effort to caste those images down, and I have since tightened what and who I follow. Cutting down negativity frees my mind for positive, productive thoughts.
  2. Think About What You Are Thinking About – Thoughts are like birds, you can’t stop them from flying over your head, but you can stop them from building a nest there! As you go about your day check your thoughts. If you realize thoughts you are dwelling on would not be realities you´d like to create, make a switch. Take those toxic thoughts captive. Choose to replace them with positive thoughts that line up with the reality you would like to manifest.
  3. Affirmations or Confessions – We are often our greatest critics. But we also believe what we say about ourselves more than what others say about us. The more you hear yourself say positive things, the more you believe it. Develop a habit of constantly saying positive things about yourself.

There you have it. Positive thinking is not some new age fluff, it´s science confirming scripture. We have been created with amazing God-given abilities that can help us design the lives we desire. Your thoughts are powerful. You can transform your life, by changing your thoughts.

By Nancy Gathecha/Diaspora Messenger contributor

Copyright ©Nancy Gathecha

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