Do you have something to ship to Kenya?

MukamiThis is Mukami from Maryland and I have a container that I am shipping to Kenya. I am looking for people who may have stuff they want to send so we can share the space. I am using the standard charges for pickup in Nairobi.
The cost of shipping items is listed below. Please call 301-538-8805 if you need additional information.
18 x 18 x 24 =$170
18 x 24 x 24 = $190
22 x 22 x 22 = $200
24 x 24 x 24 = $ 230
24 x 24 x 27 = $250
24 x 21 x 48 = $400
55 Gallon barrel = $200
77 Gallon Barrel = $250
Mattress and Box Spring = $250
Barrels tend to hold better during transit and are recommended also because they can be used for storage once they arrive home. U-haul boxes tend to be hold better than home depot boxes especially the “dish barrel” ones.
Barrels can be purchased at most Caribbean and African stores (Langley park- red apple or at the African store and pharmacy in Laurel on route 1 -near Friday’s).
The amounts indicated above include clearing at customs.

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