Can Africans live without used cloths from White People? The Answer is No


Years back when Kenyans were proud of who they were and before greed took over, people were buying new clothes manufactured locally. One can remember the time when TV adds included advertisement for Kenyan cloth manufactures.

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Those days are gone, gone with the wind. Africans, especially East Africans have been transformed into used clothes dump sites. Though we speak with pride of our national heritage, our self government, and take pride in our beautiful dark skins, Africans have not risen above dependency on others to feed, cloth, and even governing.

The principles that were fought for by our founding fathers, the idea that black Africans can manage their affairs and become succesful, and Jomo Kenyatta’s ideal of self preservation is embarrassed by piles of used cloths in Gikomba. Jomo Kenyatta fought to free us from this embarrassement, but we keep going back to it.

And before you cry out traitor, read this:

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)
HTBluff Associates. An EMG Consortium #HTTBluff.
Diaspora Messenger senior Columnist

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