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Briton who flew to Kenya to live with girlfriend is arrested for her murder

A British man is behind bars in Kenya accused of murdering the girlfriend he met on Facebook by flushing her diabetic medicine down the toilet.

Carl Singleton, 41, from Millom, Cumbria, was on Sunday arrested on suspicion of murdering 22-year-old Peris Ashley Agumbi Mumtah, a student at the University of Nairobi.

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Miss Agumbi died in hospital of diabetic hypertension and respiratory failure days after making a report to police accusing Singleton of flushing her life-saving medicine down the toilet.

Singleton appeared in court on Monday. He was remanded in custody for seven days after police asked for time to file a murder charge. He made no plea.

Singleton’s mother Elaine Singleton, 63, who lives in Millom, last night said she felt she was living her ‘worst nightmare’ when her son called her from Gigiri police station in Nairobi on Monday.

‘I was absolutely devastated. It’s my worst nightmare come true,’ she said of the news of his arrest.

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‘He was really upset, he really was, I could tell by his voice. He just said he was in the police station locked up and that they thought he had killed his girlfriend. He just kept saying he didn’t do it.

‘It’s really difficult because he’s so far away. I can’t get it out my head. I feel terrible. It’s awful, it really is.’

Singleton met Miss Agumbi online through Facebook two years ago. Six months ago he flew out to Kenya on a tourist visa to spend time with her in person. ‘He fell in love and went out there,’ his mother said.

Dominic Wabala, crime reporter on Kenyan daily The Star, told MailOnline that Singleton was living with Miss Agumbi and her family in Gachie, a town on the outskirts of Nairobi.

Miss Agumbi had reported Singleton to police for allegedly assaulting her on November 19, telling officers he had flushed her diabetes drugs down the toilet.

Days later, on November 21, she fell ill and was taken to Nairobi’s private Aga Khan University Hospital, but was later transferred to Ladnan hospital where she was diagnosed with diabetic hypertension and respiratory failure.

She died while undergoing treatment, Mr Wabala reported.

Miss Agumbi’s death and Singleton’s arrest came days after he messaged his younger brother Steven, 21, over Facebook to say he had extended his trip by a further six months and would be home in February.

‘I thought he must be smitten to be flying out there to meet her. I’m just completely shocked by it all. I’m trying not to think about it,’ Steven said.

Mrs Singleton described her son, a former Bargain Booze employee, as ‘kind-hearted and shy’.

‘He’s a quiet man. I think the size of him frightens people because he’s very tall,’ she said.

‘To look at him you’d think he was really robust but deep down he’s quiet, soft and shy.

‘He’s quiet and has always kept himself to himself.’

Singleton’s father Norman, 66, was walking the family dog, Josie, when his wife called him to say what happened.

Mr Singleton said: ‘She rang me and she was in a mess. I was absolutely speechless.’

The family said Singleton was ‘bubbly’ and happy during a Skype conversation in October.

Mr Singleton said: ‘He said he was having a great time and we even got Josie up on camera for him to see.’

The family said the embassy had been keeping them abreast of the situation but they have not been able to speak to him since Monday.

The Foreign Office said: ‘We can confirm the arrest of a British national in Kenya on November 23. We are providing consular assistance.’

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