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Hilarious – Betty Bayo Explains How She Planted Sh310 Mbegu and Met The Lover of Her Life

betty-bayo2Kenyans are not yet done with Victor Kanyari. They have dedicated their entire creativity on trolling the ‘miracles’ stage-manager. From twitter to Facebook, satirical memes have taken the center-stage.I came across a funny post on Facebook with the heading ’5 Minute Interview With Betty Bayo’ and it was sure a funny piece about how the two might have met, how they got married and the feeling Bayo has after his husband was found guilty of fooling his followers.

Here is the hilarious post that will leave you laughing out loud. Enjoy this social media humor


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Q: Where did you meet your husband?
A: I called the number on the screen for a prayer request and he said he liked my voice.

Q: And then…?
A: He asked me to plant a seed of Kes. 310.00, which I did.

Q: And then…?
A: He then asked me to attend his church service and I agreed. So I went there with my friend and after the service he asked all first time visitors to remain behind. He took me to his house and told me that God had revealed to him that I was to be his wife.

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Q: After how long did you get married?
A: A week after meeting him, he announced in church that he was getting married. I thought he was marrying someone else because he had not proposed to me. He told us all to attend the wedding. 

Q: Oh my! At what point did you realize that you were the bride? 
A: After the announcement he asked if he could introduce the bride. We all waited in anticipation so when he called my name the first time I thought I heard wrong. Then he called me again.

Q: So you didn’t have a chance to say ‘Yes’?
A: Since God had told him I would be his wife, I had no hesitation even though I was not ready.

Q: Did you know that he was involved in a scam?
A: I didn’t have a clue.

Q: Will you remain with him in light of what has happened?
A: We will see… If he goes to prison I don’t know how long I can wait.

Q: How has it been being married to Pastor Kanyari?
A: It is not easy being a pastor’s wife. Sometimes he is gone for three days because of the workload at the church… So many people to pray for… It is tough

Q: Who is your favourite local artiste?
A: Redsan… Oh sorry… Betty Bayo.

Q: Which book are you currently reading?
A: Mrs. Kiriamiti’s ‘My Life with a Criminal’.


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