Raila: Why I made a pact with Uhuru (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Raila speaks about ‘painful’ handshake with Uhuru

Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Friday urged his supporters to support dialogue that he and President Uhuru Kenyatta agreed on.

Mr Odinga and Mr Kenyatta met last week and pledged to work together for the good of Kenyans.


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At Kisii Sports Club on Friday where he met MCAs and other local leaders, Mr Odinga said he had to swallow his pride and sit down with President Kenyatta to sign an agreement.

He added that his decision was based on serious soul-searching about the problems citizens are facing.

“We are going to be making a formal trip to Kisii and other counties with the Head of State.

“We have not spoken publicly since we signed the MoU. We agreed with Mr Kenyatta to wait and see how the country reacts to its contents.

Raila speaks about ‘painful’ handshake with Uhuru at the burial of Prof Aloys Tumbo Oeri

“That’s why the President together with the people’s President have not spoken,” Mr Odinga said.


While addressing a section of Kisii leaders, among them Governor James Ongwae, his deputy Joash Maangi, Senator Sam Ongeri, MCAs and Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati, Mr Odinga said Kenya had witnessed bloodshed for long and it had to end.

“We have been seeing blood all the time. From 2007 to date. At least 350 innocent lives have been lost in our country since August 8,” he said.

Mr Odinga said he believes the pact was the beginning of healing in Kenya.

The ODM leader said that for years, citizens have waited for the Kenya that our founding fathers envisioned.


Source Daily Nation

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