Men to shun sex for 5 more days

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NjokaMaendeleo Ya Wanaume has extended the sex boycott campaign until Sunday “due to men’s demand”.

The campaign aims to mobilise men to deny women conjugal rights to protest against the ‘casual’ way men’s concerns have been handled at family and national levels.

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Chairman Nderitu Njoka yesterday said men from around the world are calling him and sending him emails of support.

They say a one-day sex boycott is not enough to start meaningful dialogue with women over discrimination against men. Therefore the boycott has been extended by five days, he said.

Njoka said men overwhelmingly support the campaign to initiate talks over “perennial and open marginalisation” at home and by the government.

He said many men say women attempt to emasculate and dethrone them in families, violating the order of nature.

Njoka said this situation has sparked unrest among men due to the success of ongoing efforts to empower women and girls.

Domestic violence against men is on the rise, as is the number of women who claim maintenance from men after duping them into siring children, he said.

Njoka said men want the government to set up a Sh1 billion kitty to empower boys.

He said many boys don’t have underwear but the government provides sanitary towels for girls.

“All government’s projects are skewed in favour of girls and women at the expense of boys and men. This marginalisation must stop,” Njoka said.

The chairman said the lobby has petitioned Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku to bar women from participating in police recruitment.

Njoka said women join the disciplined services for salaries only and they should leave the jobs for men who have been fighting for their country.

“Women never serve in volatile areas, don’t go on night patrols or engage criminals in deadly shoot-outs. The 99 per cent of officers who have died in the line of duty are men, including in Kapedo in Baringo where 19 APs were killed,” he said.


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