Robert Alai Tells Aljazeera Kenyans Are Not Ready to Accept Any Kind of Dressing


Robert AlaiWhile you are busy drumming up support for #MyDressMyChoice, Robert Alai is equally engaged in a different mission trying to water down your support, so far it appears his mojo is working perfectly well.

As controversial as he has always been, social media screamer Robert Alai is indispensable, even when international media Aljazeera was reporting on stripping incident in the country, they had to factor in Alai’s opinion regarding the same. But why when he has openly opposed #MyDressMyChoice?

The reason is simple, #NudityIsNotMyChoice. Yes that is the reason why Aljazeera had to look for Alai. He started an online campaign #NudityIsNotMyChoice which is set to counter the pro-women #MyDressMyChoice. Alai’s hashtag is actively trending on Twitter, it is only a spot down of #MyDressMyChoice.

Talk of the devil having followers then Alai has many, his tag has is filled with comments from folks who are strongly opposing skimpy dressing. “Kenyans are not so much developed to accept any kind of dressing, until the society matures enough, then the argument for infinite freedom is neither the here nor there” Alai told Aljazeera.

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