Voter Sues MP Over Alleged CDF Funds Misuse


A Dagorreti North Constituency voter has sued area Member of Parliament Simba Arati and Constituency Development Fund Committee over alleged misuse of CDF funds.

Wandiri Babandege, who unsuccessfully vied for the parliamentary seat during the 2013 elections, claims that Arati and the committee have ignored due procedure in funds use.

Babandege also claimed that the committee chair is not registered voter in the constituency.

Babandege further complained that the committee has failed to account for funding of different CDF projects initiated and he therefore wants the committee reconstituted since it was not well constituted by the MP.

The voter further alleged that the committee had been disbursing funds to the projects without public participation and failed to show the criteria used to arrive at beneficiaries of bursaries, Uwezo Fund, women and youth funds.

Babandege also stated that there is sufficient evidence to show that the public has lost money through dubious allocation of funds to questionable projects.

Through lawyer Webale Ronald, the petitioner appeared before High Court Judge Mumbi Ngugi who directed them to serve the respondents with documents.

The hearing is scheduled for 8th December 2014.

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