30 NGOs to Fight Kenya’s ICC Agenda in New York


Local and international civil society organisations have ganged up to block the government’s agenda to discuss the conduct of the International Criminal Court and its Prosecutor in the US next week.

The more than 2,500 organisations from 150 countries termed the agenda “political”.

A number of Kenyan NGOs, which are part of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, are set to travel to the New York meeting.

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Yesterday, International Commission of Jurist Kenya executive director George Kegoro told the Star that they will lobby states to reject the request by Kenya.

“We will provide states with accurate information about the Kenyan cases and allow them to decide,” he said.

Kenya has requested the ICC 122 signatory States – known collectively as the ASP – to discuss what it terms “gross violation of the Rome Statute”.

It accuses the Court of politicising the cases, incorrect interpretation of the Rome Statute and continuing to prosecute cases that do not meet high evidentiary thresholds.

Top ICC principals, including President of the Court Sang-Hyun Song, have opposed the agenda, saying it amounts to “interference with the independence of the Court”.

Kegoro said Kenyans For Peace with Truth and Justice, a coalition of more than 30 NGOs, will be strongly represented at the forum.

The ASP meeting will run from December 8 to 17.

Last week, CICC and Human Rights Watch told the Assembly of States Parties leadership of their disapproval of the government agenda.

“These proposals could undermine the independence of the ICC and infringe the Rome Statute,” the NGOs said.

-The Star

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