Kenyan Mother facing deportation for breastfeeding in Germany

Dzine Polle breastfeeding her baby Dahlia. “It’s a feeling that makes me so happy,” says 24-year-old Kenyan who lives in Lübeck. Au Pair young woman came to Germany in 2011. She has a residence permit and currently doing an apprenticeship in the hotel business in Timmendorfer beach. And that’s their problem, “I can not have my child regularly breastfeed if I have to drive 15 km from Lübeck to Timm village and there work all day at the hotel.”

No parental benefit for EU citizens

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From the father of her child Dzine Polle has disconnected. You must raise the child alone. But as a non-EU foreigner she is not entitled to parental leave or parental allowance. And if she does not go on the teaching, they will be deported to Kenya. “It’s as if bewitched,” said the mother of Dahlia. “Where will the baby stay and who should feed him?”

“What can the baby for it?”

This question she stood for nine weeks ago, shortly before the birth of Dahlia. A midwife recognized the problem and gave it to Friederike Garbe from Agape House in Lübeck, the house for mothers in need. Garbe did not hesitate and took the mother and newborn immediately: “. What the baby can for sure that it has a different skin color, it is deeply unfair that mothers have such Dzine here is not entitled to parental leave” Sheaf asks: “How can they do that?”

Hoping for apprenticeship in Lübeck

Because Dzine Polle got a room at the Agape House Lübeck and its there many formalities were removed, the young mother can now breathe a little. And there’s another success: At least until the New Year she gets on unpaid leave. “But I hope that I will find an apprenticeship in Lübeck, then I would not be so far away from my baby.”It also intends to seek a childminder.

Wanted: People with heart

Even if the former employer of Dzine Polle has already made concessions – Friederike Garbe wants to talk to the immigration office, whether it may also there might be a compromise. In addition, they now desperately looking for people who want to support Dzina Polle and the baby. Maybe you can find someone to Christmas: “An apprenticeship in Lübeck, a childminder and people with heart for my daughter – I would like for Christmas,” said Dzine Polle.

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