MP Mwanyoha admits being MRC founding member


Matuga MP Hassan Mwanyoha has admitted being one of the founding members of the outlawed Mombasa Republican Council.

“I was among the members who launched the group aiming at having coastal region becoming independent and a republic of its own and I served as the Secretary General,” he told a meeting at Baraza Park over the weekend.

Mwanyoha said he quit after realising that MRC could not fight the government using pangas and knives.

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“We cannot continue fighting using inferior weapons while our enemies have guns. We will be in trouble and they will finish us before we achieve our agenda,” he said.

He said he also left because some recruits became unruly.

Mwanyoha urged members of the group to follow suit and engage in activities that will help them improve their living standards.

He dismissed claims that some youth groups were not allocated the Uwezo Fund because of being former MRC members, saying the money is for the benefit of all.


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