Rose Muhando could face 7 years jail term for abortion

Popular East African gospel musician Rose Muhando could face up to 7 years imprisonment if convicted of abortion charges facing her.

Muhando, known for her amazing and electrifying music hits was last week alleged to have aborted her 7 month pregnancy.

If she had carried her pregnancy to full cycle, she would have given birth to her a fourth child. Her close show performer is alleged to be responsible for the pregnancy.

Following these allegations, millions of her fans, fellow gospel musicians, law practitioners and several leaders were astonished besides the entire world of Gospel music.

A popular law practitioner who sought anonymity said abortion is a crime in Tanzania punishable to both the lady who decides to abort and the medical practitioner(s) involved in the process.

“It depends on whether she aborted for her to restore her health which is okey, but if she aborted for other reasons it is a punishable crime committed,” noted the lawyer. He added, “According to the law, the doctor involved if found guilty must serve a jail term of 14 years, while the lady must serve 7 years behind bars.”

Asked why the doctor must serve double jail term compared to the lady, the lawyer said it is because of the oath that doctors agree to protect the lives of patients and also for breaching their job ethics.

Gospel Artists Union secretary general Stella Joel when asked about the incident said the union does not have any information about the act, but they could take action against Muhando if the police act on the crime.

“Abortion is a criminal offence, so if the police take action on it, we will also follow suit. For now we can do nothing about it. We are only hearing it in the media and social sites and when we ask her she is denying the allegations,” she said.

Fellow gospel songsters Bahati Bukuku and Christina Shusho were shocked by the news citing that it is very unexpected of Rose Muhando.

Bahati Bukuku remarked, “ Rose is a grown up, if it is true she did it, then that will be God’s decision. It will depend on their dealings. Each person has their own decisions but am really shocked by this.”

Christina Shusho said that the act is illegal although it is a personal issue concerning the alleged person.

Several futile attempts were made to contact Rose Muhando. But when Trending Newsroom finally got her via telephone, she could not confirm or deny the allegations, but only said there were a lot of stories going on around and about her, one of them being abortion of a 7 months pregnancy and that she feared she might be arrested.

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