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Kenyan Singer Nyota Ndogo in ‘gun-photo’ drama

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Nyota NdogoSINGER Nyota Ndogo (right) recently posted a photo of herself holding a pistol on social media.

The photo attracted criticism from a section of her fans, after it went viral on Friday, with some accusing the Watu Na Viatu hit maker of being irresponsible and setting a bad example.

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“…Nothing personal, but this is the worst of you I’ve ever seen… Image protection!,” wrote Mombasa-based artiste Crazy-K.

Brilliant Ace wrote, “…(Nyota) was the one pointing the fingers at Mustapha. A very bad role model to the society. Shame on you Nyota Ndogo.”

In her defence, the singer asked why people criticised her for posing with the firearm, while it was just meant for self-defence. She argued that there were no issues with the photo, after all, she hadn’t taken a photo of her nude or smoking weed.

Dennis Kothe questioned: “@Nyota, are you a licensed gun owner under the Kenyan law? If the answer is yes, then you should be fully aware of the conduct of private gun holders. Am sure unnecessary display of private firearms to the public is prohibited (and) may lead to withdrawal of the license.”

“Nyota Ndogo, kujikinga (self-defence) is one thing and unnecessary display of fire arms is another… Whether licensed or not you just don’t go around taking selfies with your gun all over…” wrote Crazy-K.

Some even asked her for an apology but she remain defiant. The singer said that she never hesitates to apologise whenever she goes wrong, but on the issue “ I would unwillingly do and maybe with a gun pointed on me but just to save my life.”


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