Nairobi has recorded a high crime prevalence in the latest crime report released by the National Police Service.

The County had the highest cases of crime at 6,732 with the lowest being Isiolo County at 219 cases.

The report that was released on Thursday showed that despite the high number of reported cases, the county improved compared to 2013 with a drop of 24 per cent in crime prevalence.

Nairobi was listed among the counties with a high prevalence of dangerous drugs recording 352 cases with the leading county being Kiambu with 701 incidents.

However, corruption cases is Nairobi were among the least recorded with only 7 cases captured in the report.

Stealing was recorded as the commonest crime in Nairobi in 2014 with 1466 cases and the least prevalent being offenses involving police officers at 3 cases.


Speaking during the release IPOA chairman Macharia Njeru said minor cases turnout to be major.

“Police should give out actual crime report by incorporating minor unreported cases because they later turn out to be major crime cases,” he added.

March 2014 was the month when most crime incidents were recorded across the country with a total of 6273 cases an equivalent of a 16 per cent increase from March 2013.

Overall crime recorded across the country in 2014 saw a decrease by 2456 cases (3 per cent) compared to the recorded incidents in 2013.

“In the year 2014, the overall crime recorded was 69,736 cases as compared to 2013 which recorded 71,832 cases,” read the crime report.

Dangerous drugs cases that include possession, trafficking, handling, cultivating and use of drugs increased in 2014 compared to the previous year across the country by the highest percentage of 12.


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