County commissioner Nelson Marwa is my dad, suspected drug peddler claims


A suspected drug peddler shocked a court in Mombasa when he sensationally claimed that Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa is his father.

Initially, he had however indicated in court records that the tough-talking administrator is his brother.

Joseph Marwa, who was arrested by police on March 19 near Sapphire Hotel with a roll of bhang worth Sh100 barely a month after a two-year stint in Shimo La Tewa Prison for drug trafficking. He told the court that his father had refused to bail him out.

“My father Nelson Marwa is the County Commissioner, but he has refused to bail me out even after I called him. I will deal with my problems because he does not care about me,” he told the court, adding that his relationship with the dad was strained.

Appearing before chief magistrate Maxwell Gicheru, Joseph pleaded guilty to the charges and was released on a personal bond.

Joseph who is in his early 30s said he has been living in the Kizingo area, a leafy suburb in Mombasa for 10 years and has been selling fruit juice and cassava next to the courts to earn a living.

“I just want to be done with the case because if I deny the charges, I will rot in custody, yet I am just out of jail,” said Joseph.

But when The Nairobian caught up with him, he changed his story and claimed the commissioner was his father-in-law.

“He is my father-in-law. He is a rich man but wants nothing to do with a hustler like me. I will sort out my own issues,” said Joseph.

County Commissioner Neslon Marwa, however, denied having any son or relative by the name of Joseph Marwa.

He also recorded a statement at the Central Police Station in Mombasa and wants the police to rearrest the suspect for impersonation.

“I am not the only Marwa from Kuria. I have two sisters, though one passed on. So where is this bull***t coming from?” posed Marwa.

The commissioner explained that every first-born among the Kuria is given certain a name from the mother’s or father’s side, making names like Chacha and Marwa very common.

“Besides, if your sister is caught red-handed committing a crime, it does not mean you should be involved in the crime. This fellow should be rearrested to explain why he is impersonating the office of the county commissioner to get away with crime.

“In court, he said he is my son. Outside, he claims to be my sister’s son. But he also told the police he is my brother. Which is which?” asked Marwa.

The commissioner also issued a stern warning to people impersonating and associating themselves with senior government officials to intimidate the police or get away with crime.

“There is a culture of criminality taking shape where certain people take up names of senior government officers to con Kenyans and invoke sympathy from the law. This is a serious and punishable offense,” said Marwa.

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