President Uhuru Nation address speaks to Kenyans in Diaspora


Kenyan diasporaKenyans living in the diaspora were not left out in the 66 minutes state of the nation address by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Uhuru said Kenya had launched a Foreign and Diaspora Policy for the first time since Independence.

He said this during his state of the nation address at the Kenya parliament buildings, a special sitting attended by senators and members of parliament among other leaders and dignitaries.

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“For the first time in the history of our nation, we have launched our foreign and diaspora policies, clarifying our strategic objectives and the values that drive our engagement with the rest of the world and Kenyans abroad,” read his speech.

The president also added that the government would hold a diaspora conference in a few days.

“Next week, we will hold a Diaspora conference, to elaborate the role of Kenyans abroad in contributing to the national aspiration for broad and inclusive development,” said President Uhuru.

The President added that the country was strengthening her relations with friendly nations with a view of developing the country and improving the lives of Kenyans.

“I have travelled to China, the United States, Japan and across Africa, seeking new partners, and strengthen our strategic partnerships,” said President Uhuru.

The government also had opened a number of diplomatic missions, signed a range of bilateral agreements, efforts that leveraged large investment opportunities such as the Standard Gauge Railway, the Power Africa Initiative, as well as opening new trade and investment opportunities for Kenya.

By Njeri K:HTBLUFF Associates. An EMG Consortium. #HTBluff- Diaspora Messenger contributor

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