A tribute to the #GarissaAttack victims

Sad. Broken. Unsettled. The state of my being as my time line if flooded with memories of the Garissa  terrorist attack. Lives lost, injuries and psychological trauma.  Kenya is mourning, and the whole world is weeping with her. An act so unfathomable, a vice so inhumane. To lament is inevitable, but the glass is broken. May the innocent souls rest in eternal peace, and the bereaved be comforted and find a peace that passes all knowledge and understanding. My heartfelt condolences.


Enough has been said, but the enemy is wise and knows when to strike. History has it that an iceberg that looked so insignificant and was ignored cost lives; calling us to always take caution and be analytical. Where there’s smoke, no doubt of a fire underneath. Insecurity alerts, by all chances must be heeded to with immediate effect. It is better for warriors to be prepared for  battle at all times, than be caught unawares.

A lot yet to be done as far as the security of the nation is concerned. Thanks to our officers who risk, and sometimes lose their lives on the war front. We can never reward them enough.


Tears and fear, the order of the day. Terrorism is real, we have all suffered it, directly or indirectly. What is there for us? Do we go hiding? Where then? Even thieves storm in at the least expected time, without any notice. No victim expected that their life would come to such a tragic end. Neither do we know how our tomorrow will unfold, and one of the lessons we can get from this is to live our best today; like tomorrow does not exist. However, I not only believe, but know that we have overcome. God is watching, He has never stopped working, even when we don’t see.


One thing we can all do is pray. No matter how skilled our military can be or how intelligent the systems could get, it is God that will grant us victory. Without Him in the battle equation, we fall apart and our efforts will bear no lasting fruits.

Find a minute a day, pray for Kenya. Pray for the world. Pray against the spirit of terrorism. Our prayers count.


“IT IS FINISHED!”- Jesus. Terrorism, terrorists, war, all FINISHED.


Long live Kenya.

By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor







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