Koigi Wamwere and Njonjo meet for the first time after 33 years


Koigi Wamwere and Njonjo meet for the first time after 33 years

Koigi Wamwere and Njonjo meet for the first time after 33 years
Former political detainees Koigi Wamwere and former Attorney General Charles Njonjo enjoy drinks during a lunch meeting at the Sankara Hotel. Photo/PATRICK VIDIJA

The last time that former MP (and former multiple detainee) Koigi Wamwere, spoke to former Attorney General, Charles Njonjo, was in 1982.

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They were both MPs (Njonjo was the MP for Kikuyu, and Minister for Constitutional Affairs at that point) and engaged in the usual banter that is to be seen as MPs walk out of the chamber.

A few days later, came the 1982 coup attempt. Koigi Wamere was arrested along with other “radical politicians”. And a year or so later, Njonjo was hounded from high office by the Daniel arap Moi political establishment.

Koigi went into exile upon his eventual release, while Njonjo’s passport was withheld from him, for a few years after a judicial inquiry exonerated him from accusations of having tried to bring down the Moi government.

Somehow the two men did not meet thereafter – until they sat down to lunch at the Sankara Hotel, on Thursday 11th June, where Njonjo had invited Koigi for lunch.

In the course of conversation, it transpired that both have continued to be in touch with the man who effectively destroyed both their political careers – former President Daniel Moi.

Njonjo told Koigi that he has tea with Moi almost every month. While Koigi has visited Moi at his Kabarak farm on a number of occasions.

But when Koigi asked Njonjo whether he has any regrets about having been a key player in two consecutive authoritarian regimes, Njonjo said he felt no regrets and had no apologies to make, as he had done his best under the circumstances.

Koigi urged Njonjo to write his memoirs. He reminded Njonjo that he, Koigi, had already written a memoir titled, “I refuse to die” which gave his version of

the historic events that had shaped the nation, and in which he had been involved. He told Njonjo that there was much that remained unrevealed of the political

machinations of those early decades when Njonjo was at the very center of power, and that Njonjo owed it to future generations – to his children and grandchildren – to set the record straight.

The two men agreed to have lunch again soon, now that they have renewed their old acquaintance.



Koigi Wamwere and Njonjo meet for the first time after 33 years

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