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Diaspora Group Launches Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest for Kenyans Ahead of GES2015

200_200WASHINGTON, DC, USA (July 7, 2015) —The International Confederation of Kenyan Diaspora Organizations (ICKDO) has announced an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest for Kenyan.
Under the auspices of the Kenya Entrepreneurial and Innovation Project (KEIP) , the contest seeks proposals that promote innovative solutions to socio-economic problems, benefit local communities or regions, create jobs, and contribute to the reduction of poverty and greenhouse gas emissions.
To enter the contest, participants can complete a brief submission online at
Benefits for Participating
Organizers say that those with viable projects will be invited to enter into partnership with ICKDO
business wing for joint-venture implementation. “Ideally KEIP aims to have at least one project in each
county, but if the ideas are good, they will not be turned down because of geography,” said Tegi
Obanda, a Co-Chair of ICKDO.
Those selected will be invited to the Kenya Diaspora Homecoming Conference scheduled for July 27
in Nairobi, where contracts will be signed by those who wish to move forward together. Subsequently,
participants will receive access to consultations with technical experts, policy makers, institutions, and
potential financial partners.
“The goal is to offer holistic support to the the innovators, to turn their ideas into financially sustainable
businesses, thereby helping alleviate joblessness in the country,” Obanda explained.
What is KEIP?
The Kenya Entrepreneurship and Innovation Project (KEIP) is an initiative of ICKDO, aimed at
fostering the development of innovative projects that promote job-creation and alternative energy.
KEIP offers a unique incubation space for smart partnerships to move innovative ideas to the market.
The financing of these ideas would be attained through combinations of technical assistance, equity and
repayable financing, to empower solutions emanating from the grassroots.
The deadline of the contest is July 17, 2015For further information about the the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest, visit


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