Tyranny of numbers here to stay – Aden Duale


Tyranny of numbers here to stay – Aden Duale

Tyranny of numbers here to stay – Aden DualeNATIONAL Assembly majority leader Aden Duale has said the tyranny of numbers in Parliament cannot be avoided.

“It is for the benefit of Kenyans because anything we pass in Parliament is for them and not for Jubilee,” he said.

Duale said Kenyans decided on March 4 last year that Jubilee will be the ruling party and Cord the opposition.

He said Kenyans have to get used to the changes as the country has a presidential system.

Duale was responding to questions from lawyers at their 21st Annual Conference in Kwale.

They wanted to know how the tyranny of numbers has helped Kenyans since President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in.

“Parliament should not invoke the tyranny of numbers to pass unconstitutional laws and policies as a show of might,” said LSK chairman Eric Mutua.

He said the National Assembly, Senate and Executive must follow the rule of law by respecting court orders.

“Disregard to court orders is the beginning of anarchy. The supremacy of the constitution must be upheld at all cost,” Mutua said.

Duale was asked how the tyranny of numbers has helped fight insecurity, raise the cost of living and to resolve the Migingo dispute.

He said such issues should be tackled by Kenyans.

Duale said lawyers and Kenyans have been given a chance to come up with private members bills that can be discussed in Parliament to resolve such things.

He assured the lawyers that Parliament is ready to work with them.

Duale said for now the Jubilee government has a social contract with Kenyans and warned those planning a referendum to “think a lot”.

“Our primary issue is serving Kenyans. A referendum is a secondary thing. After the collection of signatures, you will know what type of questions the Jubilee government will give,” he said.


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