Inspiration:Giving up is not an option.


Every morning in the gym I set a goal on how long I am going to stay on one equipment. Then the closer I get to my goal the more tired I get and start convincing myself that I should come off that particular equipment and go to the next but I choose complete my set goal. When I press through my feeling of trying to give up, and achieve my goal I feel great and motivated to move on to the next exercise. We all have moments in the process of living this life that we feel like giving up on our goals, or when we feel like all is lost and gone. These moments come with intensity and high degree of discouragement. These moments could be due to an incurable disease, financial difficulties, or relationship issues. These difficulties may defer in nature, intensity and degree, but the response should be one. This has not come to kill me but to empower me. When life closes in on you and you feel like the easiest and only option you have is to throw in the towel and give up, remember that someone has gone through the same situation and made it through. They might have climbed, crawled, cried through it but they came through anyway. So regardless of what you face today, with the right attitude you can overcome. You can brand yourself by how you overcome one set back to the other.

One of the challenges in trying to stay hopeful and focused when going through hardship is when you start taking inventory of how many people have not made it through in your area of struggle. Generally, you are tempted to name yourself among those who have failed defeated, and lost. The other challenge is the scarcity mentality. This where you feel that all discoveries and inventions have already been made and therefore you are late for anything and they only option is to give up and watch other people’s success while you pity yourself of not making it. The other reason why we give up is duration or length of time we perceive it will take to accomplish what we want.

Wining in life is intentional and deliberate and you must or have to choose to be a winner. Your age, economic status or what is going on around you has nothing to do with it. When you encounter difficulties or challenges in some area of your life, you have a mental “list” of options that you begin to put together and what you list on this mental list will either motivate you or discourage you. Winners have no giving up as an option in their mental list. Giving up is easy because you will always find justification for it and move into “a victim mode” where you will blame everyone. However, when you make up your mind never to give up, you will do whatever it takes to win. You will not take the first, second or the thousand failure as answer. I believe in resurrection of dreams and abilities, so you might have tried something several times and failed, but this should not discourage you. Continue trying and working on what you want to accomplish, you will surely achieve anything you put your mind into. No mountain too high, no valley too deep for a mind that is made up to win.

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Giving up is not an option is about freedom and surrender. I call it freedom because it’s the ability of being at liberty to choose which of the other options will work, and then pursue them with all your heart, mind, soul and energy. Giving up is not an option is a mentality well practiced once you have determined your path in life. First by accepting who God created you to be and knowing that you cannot operate and succeed by trying to run away from your God given identity. Be bold of who you are in Christ Jesus and who He created you to be. Accept and come to terms that you belong to this universe and you are rightfully here.


Surround yourself with people who believe in you and your abilities. Read about people that have made it in your area of struggle. Have faith in your uniqueness, do not copy or try to be like everyone. You are a unique individual and there is only one of your kind on the earth today. Wake up every morning knowing that the universe waits for you to make a contribution. As you focus on not giving as an option, remember you are not alone. Inside of you lives a winner, a great coach, a great motivator, and friend his name is Jesus. This message is meant to encourage you to rise up and dust yourself as you rise up and press on to accomplish the goals you have set.

Have a nice week and week and remember giving up is not an option. Choose to win this week, you are great because God has made you great.

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By Evangelist Isabella Mwango Nyakundi

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