Ngilu: I’m in government to stay


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NGILU1907Suspended Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu has claimed forces outside the government are out to destabilise it by causing infighting.

The CS who is facing charges of corruption said the claims of corruption facing her were part of a scheme by detractors keen on pushing her out of government and vowed that she would not be cowed.

“I am too committed as a Kenyan to make this country work,” she said. “I have been in leadership for far too long for people to just come and decide Charity we want to push you out because we can put all sorts of allegations on you,” she said.

Speaking at All Nations Pefa Church in South B Estate, Nairobi, the suspended CS said she remains hopeful that she will be cleared and will continue to serve Kenyans in her docket.

Ms Ngilu reiterated that she was in government to stay, dismissing claims that she was about to quit Jubilee.

“Anybody talking out there that Charity wants to leave government, I want to tell them I am in government on my own right, because I fought for it, I went there for it,” she said.

She said the government should be careful not to fall to what she described as machinations from outside forces.

“I want to say we as government must ensure that we do not give other people opportunity to fight unnecessarily or even to fight amongst ourselves,” she said.

She said she has done her best in her docket to deliver on government promises to the people.

“I have tried my best to serve for the time I have been in leadership. The greatest judge of all persons and that is God Himself will deal with them, even if we are arrested and put in jail, everything will continue going on well,” she said.

“I have tried to do the best to serve and as a woman leader and I will continue to do that because I am committed to ensure we deliver on the promises we gave to Kenyans,” she stated.

Nominated Senator Beth Mugo said Ms Ngilu had only stepped aside but not left government.

“I have come a long way with Ngilu and we all know the good work that Charity has done. Let nothing dampen your spirit. We are praying that very soon, the court case will be behind us and that you will come back to the government,” she said.

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