American Citizen responds to FEP open letter to Board of Directors


American Citizen responds to FEP open letter to Board of Directors

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American Citizen responds to FEP open letter to Board of DirectorsLOST IN TRANSLATION, MY OWN PERSONAL VIEW AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN & FEP INVESTOR.

When I heard that my brothers and sisters from Kenya were making a decision on confronting FEP as an organization I was skeptical because i know how hard it is to bring down a corporation here in America. But then i hear from my wife in whose name i put the share names under to comply with the Kenyan and FEP’s requirements that you have to be Kenyan to qualify however i have been in the military for close to 30 years now and one thing i understand is that the rules are there to be followed and in my quest to comply i declared my International Investments to my government so i could not be by any chance funding or financing a terrorist orgarnization.

BUT I cannot speak on behalf of the Kenya Govt or FEP as a group as i do not know how it is setup on the ground but i tend to believe people and take their word especially if it is the CEO of the company speaking which in essence says he has the mandate of the board but what i have heard over the years since 2011 and what i have captured in form of circulars, brochures, pamphlets and video recordings of this investments drive in the US one thing has been clear the year 2015 and a road map. i don’t know how it works in Kenya but as i hear other companies and investments have come up and failed.

Labled Pyramid schemes and nothing else get done. I understand the Federal bank of Kenya is still holding onto some money for those investors that put in their money but i hear most are now dead while others have committed suicide, lost their marriages and homes literally.

Now, I have traveled my share of the world and consider myself knowledgeable to some extent compared to any level american but even then for A Kenyan when is it the right time to say this is really bad or ask these questions:
1) When is the right time to notify your government so it can act in time and salvage or secure your investment?
2) Who is the best source of information on a companies operation if not the persons who have worked there as employees, Invested their own salaries in the same investment and introduced their families right down to the village level. i don’t know how financial gurus think in Kenya but if one in America thinks that those employees are pariahs and disgruntled employees he should probably have just stayed in his own country for he has learnt nothing and i doubt if he is adding any new value to the american system.
3) I am made to understand that 3 Kenyan Professionals who have made it in america and are esteemed community members have been invited to take charge but none have lasted for more than 7 months before exiting. Is the problem THEM or whoever they are working with?
4) The staff turn over has been close to 97% since 2011 the remaining 3% are said to be the CEO and members of his community that he consider close circles. Can someone tell me whether Kenya then has any competent employees if a whole company gets replaced or choose to resign because of a few?
5)Those who have tried to raise their voice have been called empty potheads and if they ask questions i am told the CEO simply said there is no need to explain as they will not understand. Does this not tell ME that the CEO knows the people he is dealing with and is exploiting them for their ignorance?
6)What will it take before the Government or the Board realizes this is a lost cause? Another Murder, suicide attempt or as my wife tells me..Someone has to be thrown out of a third floor window?
7)The AGM for this company is like gambling in a casino, always shifting until there is something new to show. Now i hear they are “banking” on the Federal bank in Kenya giving them a license yet they do not know when or IF.
8) I cannot wait for such nonsensical thinking to claim my money and as a matter of fact i need to get the Passport numbers of these intelligent Leaders so we can have their names added on the US no fly list as Financial Plunderers..I believe that would save other Kenyans from this heinous acts of living OFF their sweat with promises that are only redeemable after death.

I am done negotiating or dealing with Fellow Kenyan brothers and Sisters for they have a fear i cannot understand. It is time to try my Country’s system and this needs to now be handled the American way.
Captain Njue, You are a military man and i respect one when i see one, When your options are exhausted kindly let us use the American system to do what a Kenyan system cannot do. Bring these People to justice. No single investor will have to sacrifice their livelihood so a few can thrive.
Over and out.

By James Octavia Sloan


American Citizen responds to FEP open letter to Board of Directors

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