British satirical magazine pokes fun at Obama’s Kenya visit


ObamaPressA British magazine has given a tongue-in-cheek view of the US President’s visit to Kenya saying the JKIA was renamed Barack Obama Airport.

Satirical magazine Private Eye reported that Obama’s first words out of Air Force One were ‘Ich bin ein Afrikaaner’, a German phrase meaning ‘Mimi ni Waafrikana’ (I am African) in Kiswahili.

The article, titled ‘Obama’s Triumphant Visit To Africa’, further refers to Kenya’s founding father and first President, Jomo Kenyatta as Omo Kenyatta.

Omo is a popular powder detergent which the article refers to, in Kenyatta’s alleged slogan ‘Omo washes whites out’.

It further jokes that Africa is an economy on the move, citing incidents of migration to European countries on illegal boats.

“Africa, he proclaimed, ‘is on the move’. At these words, several million Africans proved his point by boarding small, leaking vessels heading for a new life in camps outside Calais (via Lampedusa, Lesbos, Malta, Sicily, France, etc),” the article states.

It further pokes fun at migration from the continent saying Obama encouraged Africans to leave to find better opportunities abroad like his parents.

Obama was in Kenya from July 24 to 26 for the Sixth Global Entrepreneurship Summit that he co-hosted with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He traces his roots to the home country of his father Barack Obama Senior who flew to America in 1959.

During a public address at Safaricom Indoor Arena in Kasarani, he referred to himself as “the first Kenyan-American to be elected president”.


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