Only Legal Diaspora Kenyans Should Vote


Kenya’s diaspora of some three million has a chance to participate in the 2017 general election – and perhaps even play the role of game changer.

However, many Kenyans resident in the US who wish to vote are agitating for special treatment that is dangerous and a pathway for ghost voters and rigging on all sides.

Being undocumented and therefore illegals in America, they do not want the scant information they are prepared to give to the IEBC – names and physical addresses – shared with the US authorities.

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If they are trying to hide something from the US authorities they may well be of dubious character.

If so, they may be susceptible to voter bribery and other election offences.

The point is not so much that the Kenyan authorities will share the details of the illegal alien voter with the US government but that the diaspora voter register must be transparent, public and accessible for scrutiny by all interested parties, researchers and Washington.

Let the illegals remain in the shadows until US laws change in their favour. And let fully registered and compliant diaspora Kenyans in the US vote.

And then let us all hope the latter form the vast majority of Kenyans in America, not the other way around.


-The Star

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