Shabaab militants ambush Lamu village, preach to residents


Al shabaab arrestsAbout 100 suspected Al-Shabaab militants on Saturday morning ambushed Basuba Village in Lamu East Sub-County and preached to the residents for one hour.

According to an eye witness who requested not to be named, the militants invaded the village at 5am, before flushing out villagers from their houses and preached to them until around 6am.

They ordered the more than 300 villagers to gather in one place where they preached to them.

“I saw a group of over a 100 well armed men wearing jungle green clothes.

“Their faces were covered. Those who came to our houses and ordered us to converge in one place were about 20.

“The rest kept guard around the village and in the bushes but we could hear and even see them.

“Among those who lectured us included four white individuals, two young women and two men,” said the villager.\


He said the militants warned them not to inform the police about their visit and also advised them not to be boarding police or military vehicles since they were their major targets.

“They said they don’t have any problem with us but with the military officers. They also advised us to avoid using military or police vehicles.

“They also told us not to disclose information concerning them to the security officers.

“They warned us that once we do that, they will come and burn the entire village, something that will be remembered forever,” added the frightened villager.

The militants reportedly left the village at around 6am and headed to the vast Boni Forest.

The incident come just days after an administration police officer was critically injured on Wednesday last week after a vehicle he was travelling in ran over an improvised explosive device near Baure military camp.

The IED is suspected to have been planted by the Al-Shabaab militants.


Following the latest incident, residents of the nearby Milimani Village have been reported to be leaving their homes for fear of attacks.

According to a villager Mr Ali Bawadh, about 20 families had by Sunday taken refuge in Bodhai area, 14 kilometers form Milimani.

“We have opted for Bodahi. The place is a bit secure since there is a military camp, a police station and a Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) post.

“We can’t stay here in Milimani. We are tired of the on and off Al-Shabaab terror threats and attempts,” said Mr Bawadh

Incidents of Al-Shabaab raiding villages are not a new phenomenon in Lamu County.

On June 14 this year, over 60 suspected Al-Shabaab militants raided Mangai Village in Lamu East and held villagers hostage in a mosque and preached for over three hours.

They then raided Mangai Dispensary where they burnt down two motorbikes belonging to the health facility.

They later invaded a newly built Mangai Boarding Primary School before setting ablaze over 100 mattresses.

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