Kenyan Woman Conned me sh30 Million Laments 62 year old Briton

Kenyan Woman Conned me sh30 Million Laments 62 year old Briton
Kenyan Woman Conned me sh30 Million Laments 62 year old Briton: Agnes Chepkonga Webermann is denying the accusations

A Briton claims he was conned millions of shillings by his Kenyan lover. John Thorogood, has filed a complaint with the local police and Interpol, accusing Agnes Chepkonga Webermann of defrauding him close to Sh30 million.

John, who claims to be suffering from colon cancer, also says he is in desperate need of cash to foot medical bills. The 62-year-old banker says, “I met Agnes Webermann in a bar in Amsterdam in January 2011 when I was just coming to terms with news of my cancer diagnosis.

“I became intimate with Chepkonga, 46, who by then posed as a real estate agent with business interests in Mombasa. I later discovered that she was a prostitute, trawling bars in Amsterdam and elsewhere in Europe, targeting vulnerable lonely old white men,” claims John, a father of three grown-up children.

The Briton and Chepkonga met a few more times before the Kenyan woman allegedly convinced him to finance the construction of a rental apartment in Mombasa that would be John’s source of income inretirement.

John Thorogood is accusing Kenyan lover Agnes of conning him off millions

With the deal struck, “Chepkonga flew back to Kenya acquiring apiece of land within Kanamai in Mtwapa. The five-storey building was to be registered in Chepkonga’s name since “laws of the country did not allow foreigners who had not stepped in Kenya to own property,” John was allegedly told.

Meanwhile, John claims that, “money was sent regularly every month for construction from January 2011. Pictures, emails and her bank details will prove my financing and construction of the building,” he says.

John and his wife Tara are currently in Dubai from where they are trying to seek justice after enlisting the help of Jane Mugo, a Kenyan private investigator who managed trace Chepkonga and the property in dispute.

The matter has now been reported at Mtwapa Police Station and Francis Wanjohi, Coast Regional Police Commander, says, “ We aware of the matter, but at the moment we cannot arrest her (Chepkonga) because the offence involves more than three countries. In fact there is another complaint from Germany, we prefer Interpol to get involved in the matter, our role will be to support where necessary.”

Interpol Nairobi Central Bureau chief Vitalis Okumu said, “I have not seen the letter, maybe it was addressed to the headquarters in France, but once I receive it, I will come back to you.”

When contacted, Chepkonga said, “Talk to my comments,” She replied in a text message. Requests by The Nairobian for the contacts and identity of the lawyerbore no fruits as she never responded.

In WhatsApp exchanges between John and a woman he alleges to be Chepkonga, the woman vehemently denies ever receiving money from the Briton.

“Sorry, I got no flat and I don’t know what you are talking about. I am just renting a flat here and I don’t know what money you are talking about. Sorry but I can’t help you,” the woman wrote in one of the numerous posts. She adds, “Is this a joke John. You know very well you never bought any flat for me. I wish I could help through your illness but that should be taken care of by your wife through better or worse. Remember I wish you both the best and quick recovery.

When John accused her of being a con prostitute, she said: “If I am a prostitute who are you. You can go to hell. I have no flat and I can prove it. You have just been paying my rent nothing else. Don’t ever dare threatening me. I can sue you, just leave me alone. I didn’t force you to give me money, you did it willingly. You should blame your wife, if she should have taken care of you, you could not have seeked (sic) solace in my arms. Never text me again.


Kenyan Woman Conned me sh30 Million Laments 62 year old Briton

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