How you become important in the village for going Abroad

How you become important in the village for going Abroad
How you become important in the village for going Abroad

I am so excited today. I just made a “how to” discovery. Thanks to Google, we can find answers to almost any “how to” question. There’s even an answer on how to die, but I  prefer how to live longer. So, mine is inclined to life. Everyone wants to make the world a better place and I’m not left behind either. Allow me to put a smile on your face and better my world.

Does it ever amaze you how life changes in just a blink of an eye? All of a sudden nobody’s become somebody’s and everyone is moving from nothing to something. Well, this is not a tale of “from rags to riches” or “from grass to grace” and “zero to hero”, it just sounds like it.

My five years observation that led to this discovery has been a fun-filled one. I’ve had gales of laughter all along, and believe my life span has been prolonged in the process. It is my joy, dearest reader, to unveil what might not be new to you, but has the potential of adding days to your life, if not years. It could also change your life forever, if you’re seeking a way of being important in your motherland,  ha ha ha.

Now, to my discovery.

How to be “important” in your mother land.

 Travel abroad. The news that you are travelling to a foreign country will take many by surprise. It is a wow moment for them too. If you come from the village, the whole village will want to see you off at the airport.  It doesn’t matter what you are going to do, you all of a sudden become “The son of the community.”

Send off note:

“Please don’t forget us, we are looking up to you. We know you’ll send us some sugar. May God keep you there. Maybe we will also take a plane some day because of you.” You see, you’re a very important person. Because you, people have a hope, they have new dreams.


A few months away will increase the intensity of your importance.  Messages will hit your inbox with;

“Do you remember me? I am so and so. Your mother was my aunt’s schoolmate. I am looking for an opportunity to come abroad. Please connect me. I can do anything. Don’t take long to answer, ok? Nice time my friend.”

You are trusted with the ability to offer jobs or know of some availabilities. No one will care to know whether or not you are employed yourself. You become financially stable once the plane takes off. People will send you their financial needs so you could  help them settle their debts. You’re a financier by default, very important person in the society.


If you believe in love, the number of those who cannot sleep at the thought of you will increase. Secret admirers will gain the courage to open up. They can’t afford to lose a try. You mean the world to them, sorry they were waiting for the right time. “It is never too late”, they will remind you. What a beautiful thing! What a need to humanity you have become!


No forgetting your roots, please go home at least once in the course of your stay abroad. The reception will be great, trust me. The honor you don’t deserve will be accorded to you. Those who never listened to you will not mind seeking your advice on their plans. A respectable someone will walk to you and give you some history you never cared to know about.

“My son, have you forgotten me? I carried you when you were two weeks old. I remember how you used to cry for your mother whenever I held you. I changed your napkins, you were too tiny. How time flies, you are now an old man and has forgotten about your aunty. Children of nowadays forget too fast.” You give a token for the care she accorded you, and apologize for losing your two weeks old memory.

Your neighbors will not be left out either. They have been praying for your safe return and will appreciate anything you have brought them from abroad.  Their sons and daughters are becoming very stubborn and they would like to send them to a far  away country so they can learn about life. This will be an indirect request for you to act upon. How then will you not be important?

It is sad that this  is the reality. Going abroad puts one in a place they’d never dreamt of. Too much is expected from you. A lot, really. People assume there’s a lot of money abroad awaiting you on arrival.   Just go abroad, even for a day, and get a feel of how things turn around.

-By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor

Elizabeth is the author of Imagine the  world and create it, a powerful book that is an inspiration to all to re-ignite our zeal to dream. whatever you dreams,you can bring it to pass.

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How you become important in the village for going Abroad


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