Lusaka suspends four Bungoma officials over Sh109,000 wheelbarrow


Bungoma wheelbarrowsThe Bungoma Governor has suspended four senior county officials over the September purchase of nine wheelbarrows at Sh109,000 each.

Kenneth Lusaka suspended tendering committee chairman Howard Lugadilu, committee secretary Ayub China, evaluation secretary Jedida Kulundu and veterinary services director Wycliffe Wangwe.

Lusaka said he reviewed the report on the purchase of the Chwele slaughterhouse wheelbarrows that the county and his government have been “highly ridiculed” for.

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The wheelbarrows supplied by Jagla Enterprise are made of “stainless and non-carcinogenic material that is insoluble in various reagents used in the food industry”, he had said.

Lusaka said the inquiry he called found that the tendering committee adhered to procurement laws and awarded the contract to the lowest bidder as required by the Public Procurement Act.

But he told the media at his office in Bungoma town on Thursday that: “Further due diligence, including valuation of the wheelbarrows, shows the county did not get value for money.”

This, he said, was tantamount to negligence by the tendering committee.

“Consequently, I have taken these measures, pending any other recommendations or findings from investigations being undertaken by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission,” he said.

He said the measures included surcharging other officers involved in the purchase, which he said should not have exceeded Sh54,000 a wheelbarrow.

The ten are the then CEC for Agriculture Patrick Koyi, Juma Matsanza, Oscar Ojwang’, John Masinde, Reuben Rutto, Arlington Shikuku, Christine Mulunda, Jackline Namukali, Francis Lusenaka, Pascal Wakafura and Mwalati Kawalanga.


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