Isaac Kinity
By Isaac Kinity:As Jets can only be flown safely to any destination by Pilots, so would  reforms in Kenya be effected successfully only by a Reformer/Reformers.  
How far would a jet be expected to fly safely  before a disaster, with a  Taxi driver  at the steering wheel of the Jet, after he locks himself in the cabin of the jet,  locking out the Captain and the Pilot at the back of the jet with the  passengers,  during a flight?.  Leading a Nation is more complex than flying a Jet. It is not as easy and as cheap as many Kenyans think. Leading a Nation is much harder and more complex than managing a Bank,  a Supermarket, a Hotel or a farm.
But many Kenyans put more value and more efforts into identifying good Pilots, good Bank Managers, good Managers of  Supermarkets, good Managers of  Hotels, good Manager of farms and good managers of many other facilities, than in the identity of a good leader for their Nation. In order for anyone in Kenya to fly a Jet, to become a manager of a Bank, to become a manager of a Supermarket, to become a manager of a hotel or to become a manager of a farm,  many credentials and other requirements are demanded.  But when it comes to the identify the leader of their Nation, Kenyans assume that anybody can lead,  when for sure not everyone can lead a Nation.  Only reformers have vision and the right destiny of a Nation.
For decades, Kenyans have dismissed reformers and have only elected them to sit as passengers in a jet flown by a Taxi driver.  How do Kenyans expect the reformers to stop the Jet from falling down while they are locked out as passengers in the Jet while the steering wheel of the Jet remains in the hands of a Taxi driver? When did a Taxi driver become a Pilot? And when did  a Taxi driver successfully fly a jet?  Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. Likewise give the steering wheel of reforms in Kenya to a reformer and give the steering wheel of a Taxi to a Taxi driver and give the steering wheel of a jet to a pilot. The assumption of Kenyans that anybody in Kenya can  lead the Nation, is what has caused the leadership decay in the Nation.  Leading a Nation is complex and requires a smart honest brain and sacrifice.
Isaac Newton Kinity.

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