PHOTOS: Kenyan Nurse In Hollywood Movie With Will Smith

PHOTOS: Kenyan Nurse In Hollywood Movie With Will Smith

PHOTOS: Kenyan Nurse In Hollywood Movie With Will Smith
Ms Mutiso enjoys a moment with her family

A former nurse at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi has once again cast the country in the limelight after she became the subject of a Hollywood movie starring Will Smith.

Prema Mutiso, portrayed by Gugu Mbatha-Raw was a registered nurse in Kenya before she moved to the United States of America to advance her studies.

While in the U.S, she had some difficulty finding accommodation and had to live with Nigerian doctor Bennet Omalu portrayed by Will Smith, after they were introduced to each other at a Catholic Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Sparks flew and what started off as an awkward situation bloomed into a relationship between Ms Mutiso and Dr Omalu.

The movie, Concussion highlights the life of her husband Dr Bennet Omalu who discovers a chronic nuerological condition among American Football players that resulted from the constant impacts owing to the violent nature of the game.

After publishing his findings in a medical journal, Dr Omalu faced intimidation from the National Football League. As other athletes are diagnosed, Ms Mutiso’s husband embarked on a crusade to raise public awareness about the dangers of American football-related head injuries.

The Kenyan nurse supported her husband in the face of opposition from the league’s management. The couple later moved to California where they started a family.

Blackmail and threats of time notwithstanding, Dr Omalu was eventually invited to give a lecture and his findings acknowledged.

Ms Mutiso and her family now live in San Joaquin, California, raising their two children – a son and daughter.

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