Kenyan woman accuse Mzungu ambassador of stealing her husband


Irene Adhiambo,A Kenyan woman is accusing a ravishingly beautiful Mexican diplomat of snatching and marrying her husband at a lavish, invite-only ceremony at an exclusive club in Naivasha despite a court order.

Irene Adhiambo, the jilted wife, had successfully petitioned the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Nairobi to issue an injunction barring Mexico’s Deputy Head of Mission, María Fernanda Cámara Pérez, from wedding Edwin Ongondo, a man Adhiambo claims is her husband.

In a matter certified by the court as urgent, Adhiambo claimed she has been lawfully married to Ongondo for 10 years and has two children with him.

“The plaintiff has clandestinely invited people to attend his wedding with a subsequent plan to relocate to another country, thereby causing the plaintiff and the children untold suffering which will not be compensated by way of damages,” says Adhiambo in her plea to the court.

Adhiambo says she and Ongondo have been living harmoniously as a family until July 2015 when she discovered the illicit love affair between the diplomat and her husband. She promptly wrote to the consulate to alert María’s boss about the ongoing affair.

Also presented in court was the letter to the ambassador that read in part: “I have been married for 10 years and we have two children, one of them is handicapped and I left my job to take care of her. Since María got into my husband’s life over a year ago, things have been very bad for me and the children. I have talked to (María) Camara but she has refused to listen to me and only hangs the phone or tells me there is nothing I can do to stop her.”

Adhiambo further presented to the embassy supermarket receipts which she claims María has shown her after shopping for her husband.

“Please help me and stop Edwin (Ongondo) from abandoning his family,” pleads Adhiambo in her letter to the consulate. She also produced in court birth certificates of their two children, one born in April 2008 and the other born in May 2010. Both certificates list Edwin Ongondo Kaeri as the children’s father.

Adhiambo says she has no objections to her husband taking a second wife, but she is worried about her children’s future. “I have a daughter who is suffering from sickle cell anaemia. She also got a stroke, so I had to quit my job to take care of her. How will I manage when he leaves the country? If I had a job, I would be okay,” says Adhiambo.

She revealed that parents from both sides know and approved of their marriage. “We were even in the village over Christmas with his parents,” she added.

She says her gym instructor husband may have met the diplomat in a fitness centre. “I blame the woman because she knows this man is married. One time, my husband left with the children and I came to learn he had taken them to visit the other woman. He says he wants to marry a second wife, and I can’t stop him. My only worry is that if he moves out of Kenya, my children will suffer,” says Adhiambo.

She reveals that after the marriage over the weekend, her husband came home and never said a word.

“I can’t stop him from getting a second wife, but if he leaves the country, I am sure men tend to gradually forget their responsibilities – out of sight, out of mind. I also never envisaged raising my children as a single mother,” says Adhiambo.

She has also taken the matter up with the Mexican consulate but claims she wouldn’t be let through by security to meet the head of mission.

“I eventually got hold of their email address and sent them my grievances. But there is nothing much I can do. The woman snatching my husband is protected by diplomatic immunity, and being a jobless mother and wife, what else can I do? I have to now look for a caregiver to stay with my sick daughter so that I can start looking for employment,” says Adhiambo.


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