MP Shamed In front of First Lady Margaret Kenyatta


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MP Shamed In front of First Lady
Lamu West MP Julius Ndegwa

MP Shamed In front of First Lady: Lamu West Member of Parliament (MP) Julius Ndegwa was on Tuesday embarrassed by residents of his area at an event graced by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

Mr Ndegwa was heckled when he tried to address hundreds of his constituents who had turned up to receive a mobile clinic donated by Mrs Kenyatta’s Beyond Zero campaign.

The legislator appeared confused as the crowd continued shouting him down, with a section threatening to leave if he went on with his address.

The First Lady and area Governor Issa Timamy helplessly watched as the drama unfolded, despite efforts by Ndegwa to contain the crowd.

MP Shamed In front of First Lady

“I want to assure the First Lady that the people of Lamu are one. I want to urge you my brothers and sisters to have respect. I am still the Member of Parliament for Lamu West Constituency,” he asserted.

The lawmaker expressed regrets following the ‘unfair’ treatment, accusing his political rivals of orchestrating the act.

“I have every right to speak at such an event if I so wish. Shouting me down before First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is a big and bad embarrassment and also a sign of rudeness. Why is it that a mere nominated MCA who stands to speak doesn’t receive the same treatment as me?” he questioned.

When the jeers persisted, the MP was forced take his seat with Governor Timamy apologising to Mrs Kenyatta for the unfortunate event.

“I beg your pardon, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. It’s just local politics,” he clarified.

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