VIDEO: Ruto Captured on Camera Being Teargassed


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William RutoIt has time and again been stated that Kenyan politics is the same game that never changes, what changes is the players.

A video has emerged showing the day when Deputy President William Ruto crossed lanes with anti-riot officers.

In the undated video, Ruto is seen leading protesters on the streets chanting ‘Yote yawezekana bila Mwai…(All is possible without Mwai)’ while holding hands with former politician Martin Shikuku and Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto.

Moments later, police disperse protesters using teargas and Ruto is captured helplessly running away from the fracas.

The Ruto-led group gets strongly repulsed by security personnel armed with batons and water canons.

Tired of engaging in running battles, Ruto walks back to his car while accompanied by persons presumed to be his aides. At some point, one of the men accompanying Ruto helps him pour water on his handkerchief which he uses to rub his eyes to neutralise effects of the irritating gas.

An officer angers Ruto after failing to recognise his status prompting the then Eldoret West lawmaker to vent: “Mimi ni mheshimiwa, usiniite, nani. Si niko na jina. (I am an Honourable person so address me by my name).

The protests were held to demand constitutional reforms during former President Mwai Kibaki’s era.

“The struggle for Constitutional review has had to reach these proportions. The resolve of Kenyans to have a new constitution is as firm as ever,” he is heard adding.

In July 2005, various leaders took to the streets to press for changes in a draft constitution that was being discussed by Parliament. It is not clear whether that is the same period when the video was recorded.

Over ten years later, Ruto now sits at the helm of the country’s leadership at a time when Opposition supporters have died from the brutality of anti-riot police.

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