KQ crew member arrested in India for smuggling gold worth Sh34 million


Gold bars. A Kenya Airways crew member was arrested in India for smuggling gold worth Sh34m on Saturday. \FILE

A Kenya Airways cabin crew member was arrested in Mumbai smuggling 7.5 Kilograms of gold into India on Saturday.

Teddy Mutuma Muthee, 25, was nabbed by anti-Narcotics Cell as he boarded a cab from Hyatt Regency hotel in Andheri, Mumbai.

According to an Indian media outlet, the police had initially received information of Muthee being involved in drug trade but could not substantiate the claims.

But when the police nabbed him, he was found in the possession of gold bars.

An official told TheAsianAge media that the police raided the hotel and checked all equipment and baggage that Muthee was carrying.

“At that time, however, instead of drugs we found 7.5 kg of gold worth Rs 2.25 crore (Sh34 million),” he said.

“When we asked him about the gold and what he intended to do with it, he did not give any satisfactory answer,” the Indian authorities said.

Kenya Airways through their PR firm confirmed the incident and said they will issue a statement.


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