Pauline AdongoOPEN HEAVENS&HEAVEN PORTALS –Over this past weekend, we had discussions with a dear friend about open heavens/portals. Presently there is a rush to visits these open heaven/portals some said to be in South Carolina, Mozambique and other parts of the world. As we were discussing these, right there while still driving , the Holy Spirit nudged  and said, that He is the open heaven ! Consider these:


  1. a) Holy Spirit as the open heaven- Jesus could only do and communicate what  God (His Father) directed Him to do. Likewise, the Holy Spirit only  shares the truth of what God thinks and wants for us. If we assume that God is in heaven, the Holy Spirit , must pass through heaven and bring that message to us. If we assume that God is omnipresent and that Jesus and Holy Spirit lives in us as believers, then we are constantly under an open heaven or heaven portal that we can access and tap into at all times. This delineates the quest to seek for a physical or geographical area to access God. The Holy Spirit in you is your constant heavenly portal


  1. b) Praise and Thanksgiving-From personal experience, I  acknowledge the power or praise and worship especially in challenging times. Normally there is a lifting of the weight and breakthrough whenever refocus to these. Worship, praise and thanksgiving get God’s attention. I believe God loves it when we focus on Him and instead of the challenges. God abides in the praises of His people; Psalm 22;3. 2 Chronicles 20;21-22. Also, what brought the walls of Jericho down? Trumpets. Oh give thanks to the Lord for His mercies endure forever. Heaven opens when we worship God with thanksgiving.


  1. c) Intimacy with God– This involves time in prayer and reading His Word, but intimacy with God is not limited to these. God speaks and responds while we pray and also speaks through Scriptures. Time with God is never wasted. Better yet, when we hunger and thirst for Him, He fills us with Rivers of Living Water. Matthew 5:6, John 7:27, 38. These are not earthly rivers. They are spiritual rivers from heaven, from the heavenly portal.


  1. d) Faith-I strongly believe that the reason for the “portals ( a mighty move of God) in Mozambique is because saints there have intimacy and have  unwavering faith in God. Anytime you see a move of God somewhere or on someone, most likely there was surrender, submission, much prayer& fasting, personal sacrifice  and discipline, all done in private before the signs and wonders. Christ was our perfect example. As believers, we live by faith not sight. It is faith that moves God  not works. Recall, the Israelites missed the promise land because of  UNBELIEF . I am beginning to  understand the impact of unbelief in a Christian’s life. Unbelief simply translates that we don’t believe God can handle something, so we turn to an alternative, other means, other gods. This makes unbelief a sin.  Faith makes God respond. Faith is a heavenly portal.


You can live in a constant open heaven, every minute, every hour. This week purpose to  experience this constant open heaven. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you in prayer, worship, in faith. Also , just remember, whenever God(the Holy Spirit) shows you something or speaks to you even through someone such as through a word of knowledge, recognize that you have just experienced an Open Heaven!


In Matthew 24:23 Jesus Himself cautions, do not go if you  hear “we have seen Christ here, Christ is there”. Why travel all the way to SC if you can access an open heaven while sipping  your morning coffee in a Wawa parking lot!


By Pauline Adongo,

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