Mutahi Ngunyi: Raila is Responsible for the School Fires


Sometimes we like overthinking situations.

When naughty high school students burn down schools, people who were previously thought to be smart start coming up with conspiracy theories on the causes. Exam leakage cartels have received the most blame.

This is despite the fact no student from affected schools have come out to confirm external involvement. All we’re hearing is the food was bad, we weren’t allowed to watch TV, the rules were tough, our school is a prison, exams are hard etc.

My view is that school fires and strikes spread like a contagious virus. When one school sees their friends or rivals in another school strike, they are in that age where they’ll feel intimidated/threatened/incited/challenged to do the same. Within high school circles, there’s some kind of ‘respect’ among peers in successfully staging a strike leading to school closure.

Just because the wave has been bigger this year doesn’t necessary mean there has been external involvement in a mass scale.

But political commentator Mutahi Ngunyi thinks different.

He has made another video where he tries to link Cord and Raila Odinga to the school fires. He says the opposition leader is the main beneficiary/consumer of a national crisis.

It’s a strange hypothesis, even for Mutahi, considering most schools have actually been burned in pro-Jubilee counties.


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