Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and Miguna Miguna. PHOTOS | DAILY NATION
Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and Miguna Miguna. PHOTOS | DAILY NATION

One word which was uttered by an aspiring Nairobi County Governor during a live TV show on Wednesday night has turned another aspirant for the same seat the subject of all sorts online jokes by Kenyans on Twitter.

The dramatic face-off between Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and the pompous Miguna Miguna played itself out live on national television in what should have been a sober debate by Nairobi’s would-be governors.

Instead, the two guests on Jeff Koinange Live turned the show into a circus as Mr Miguna, in his typical arrogant nature, challenged the good bishop to state where she did her dissertation (long essay on a particular subject, especially one written as a requirement for the Doctor of Philosophy degree.)

Poor bishop. To this she had no answer. Soon after slaps began to fly around as the show moderator, Jeff Kionange, struggled to keep his unruly guests calm.

No wonder Kenyans on Twitter have been poking fun at the bishop and her dissertation that never was.


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