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10 times Kenyan politicians have made fools of citizens

– Kenyans have been known to behave like sycophants to show their support for politicians

Politicians incite them to fight against each other or an institution while they themselves sit back and watch everything unfold

– Here are some instances of politicians who are friends but behave like rivals in the eyes of the public

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In public, Kenyan politicians talk a big game to show they are rivals. They rally the electorate to vote for them while badmouthing their counterparts.

But, away from the public eye, these rivals are friends. They dine together, they do business with each other and their families hang out together.

At this point, the electorate is left fighting, acting like sycophants- fighting each other for the sake of a politician’s career while the politicians themselves are safe and only care about themselves.

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Here are the instances Kenyan politicians set aside their rivalry for ‘friendship’ as Kenyans fought their street battles:

10 times Kenyan politicians have made fools of citizens

Raila Odinga with a section of Jubilee politicians at State House for an honourary luncheon for South Korea’s President President Uhuru introduces CORD leaders Raila Odinga and Wetangula to South Korea’s PresidentPark Geun-hye

Raila vs Duale

These two have been rivals over who would win the presidency in the 2017 General Election. In August 2016, Duale was quoted saying that Jubilee will win the election, telling Raila that “ If God has not decided for him to be Kenya’s president, then he cannot force himself on Kenyans”.

CORD leader Raila Odinga shares a light moment with Deputy President William Ruto

Raila vs Ruto

Raila has always sought to know the source of DP William Ruto’s wealth, claiming that Ruto was the godfather of corruption in the government.

Raila has also been known to support Governor Isaac Ruto in his fight against DP Ruto, therefore, cementing the enmity between the two of them

Cord leader Raila Odinga with Justin Muturi and Aden Duale at the National Assembly buildings on Tuesday, March 15. Raila will sit in on the historic vote on the Gender Bill

Raila vs Muturi

Three months ago, Raila expressed anger at how National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi failed to recognize his presence when he and his daughter Rosemary visited Parliament buildings.

At the same time, Muturi recognized visiting Ugandan parliamentarians in the public gallery.

The second time these two have gone head to head was when Muturi snubbed orders to allow Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi back to the house. Raila threatened to demonstrate against Parliament and Muturi relented.

Evans Kidero na Mike Sonko

Sonko vs Kidero

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is planning to unseat Governor Evans Kidero from his seat. On numerous occasions, the two have clashed over matters concerning the Sonko Rescue Team project.

The two have, however, come together to mourn each other’s relatives including Sonko’s father.

10 times Kenyan politicians have made fools of citizens

CORD co-principal Moses Wetangula with DP William Ruto

Ruto vs Wetangula

By virtue of being in opposing coalitions, the two are separated by a political divide. Ruto has, however, been known to attempt to extend an olive branch to CORD co-principal Moses Wetangula to join the Jubilee government, and at all times, Wetangula refused.

Wetangula has also been known to touch on corruption scandals that DP Ruto was alleged to be a part of.

Governor William Kabogo and DP William Ruto hugging each other at a function in Kuresoi. Ruto said Kabogo only advised him to look for votes all over Kenya. Image: DPPS

Ruto vs Kabogo

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo at one time went on record telling the deputy president not to campaign in Mount Kenya regions because people would not automatically vote for him just because he is a Jubilee leader.

Kabogo drew ire on himself from leaders in the same region.

10 times Kenyan politicians have made fools of citizens

Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto and Deputy President William Ruto meet at a past event. Image: PSCU

Ruto vs Ruto

DP Ruto and Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto started out as close friends but their political rivalry sent their friendship to the pit.

Governor Ruto has been known to block Ruto’s projects from being implemented in the Rift Valley region including a KSh 800 million university.

DP Ruto is greeted by Baringo Senator Gideon Moi.

Ruto vs Moi

These two have been battling it out to be the renowned Kalenjin kingpin. DP Ruto and Gideon Moi have been battling it out for over 15 years to inherit the political mantle left behind by former president Daniel Moi, Gideon’s father.

Jubilee leaders Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto with CORD leaders Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka at State House Nairobi

Cord vs Jubilee

The two coalitions have been battling it out in the run up to the 207 General Election.

CORD is of the opinion that Jubilee rigged himself into power in 2013 and are aiming to remove them from power in 2017.

CORD and Jubilee members mingle at a State House luncheon hosted by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The political divide between the two has left government-appointed leaders clashing with legislators from the opposition coalition.

At times, Joseph Nkaissery, the Cabinet Secretary for Interior, has clashed with CORD legislators on matters security especially during the anti-Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission boundaries demonstrations.

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