Uhuru, Ruto allies to get key seats in Jubilee


Fierce lobbying is underway for coveted, powerful positions in the mega Jubilee Party, just nine days to the official launch.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA and Deputy President William Ruto’s URP will get six of the 21 national positions. The other 13 Jubilee affiliate parties will share the remaining 15 positions.

The launch of the party is on September 10 in a three-day JP jamboree involving more than 123,000,000 delegates and others.

Though there are hundreds of positions down to the polling station level, the focus is on the 21 national offices and 47 county chairmanships.

Professionals are also angling for key party organisations, including the secretariat, advisory council, Jubilee Foundation, business council, the council of elders, the elections board and the county elections board.

The county elections board will run hotly contested primaries.

Election for the positions had been anticipated on September 9, ahead of the main launch on September 10 at the Moi International Sports Complex, Kasarani.

However, the Jubilee Party constitution to be ratified on September 9 says the positions will be filled through consensus.

“The merger Party shall agree by consensus on the distribution and sharing of Party positions among officials of dissolved parties having regard to the respective strengths of the dissolved parties,” the document says.

According to insiders, TNA and URP will hold positions of Party Leader, Deputy Party Leader, National Chairman, Secretary General, National Organising Secretary and National Treasurer.

Three weeks ago, Uhuru and Ruto indicated they were not keen on taking up positions, though there are suggestions they become Party Leader and Deputy Party Leader.

URP will hold positions of National Chairman and Organising Secretary and TNA will take Secretary General and National Treasurer positions.

Other than the 21 national officials, 19 positions will up for grabs in every county, 11 at every constituency, 11 at every ward and 11 at every polling station.

The contest at the county level is because all county chairmen, secretaries, treasurers, organising secretaries, women leaders, youth leaders and heads of persons with disabilities will be part of the National Governing Council.

The NGC is the second-highest JP organ and will include the Party Leader and Deputy Party Leader. It will also have members of the National Executive committee, all party MPs, governors, majority and minority leaders and whips to represent MCAs.

Yesterday, Ruto chaired a Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting at his official residence where merger plans were discussed.

Afterward, the presidency confirmed the JP Convention will run from next Thursday to Saturday.

“… the 15 Jubilee affiliate parties’ delegations conventions will be on Thursday in various locations. The full party convention will take place on


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