Isaac Kinity

At present, every Kenyan knows that the Heroes day that was set up in Kenya a few years ago, does not serve either the past or the current Kenyan true Heroes. Then whose day is the Kenya Heroes day? The first discussion held to discuss the importance of a Kenyan Heroes day was held in Boston MA in USA in 2001. It was in the Kenya Community Abroad AGM, where Mr John Maina, the immediate former representative of Kenyans in the Diaspora, chaired that debate with the congregation at the meeting. Everyone in that meeting supported the need for a Kenya Heroes day, in order to remember and to honor true Kenyan Heroes. The setting up of a Heroes day in Kenya, became one of the resolutions at that meeting, (see the Kenya Community Abroad Organization 2001 AGM report in the link below).

Many speakers at the meeting which was presided over by the then President of the Kenya Community Abroad organization, Dr. Matunda Nyanchama, expressed the importance of remembering the Kenyan Heroes especially those who fought for the Independence of Kenya. From then the war to fight for the setting up of a day to honor and to remember Kenyan true Heroes/Heroins, began.
It is extremely sad to note that true Kenyan Heroes are never remembered during the already set up Heroes day, and instead fake heroes who are created by their friends are the only people mentioned in different forums during Heroes day celebrations, giving total blackout of Kenya true Heroes. Kenyans should learn from other Nations where the good shape of those Nations was found and defined by the foundations that were laid down by their Heroes.
The foundation of the political stability in USA was laid down by George Washington. That foundation which he laid down, is what has continued to make the USA a very strong Nation, among other Nations in the World today. Had the Americans disowned George Washington the way Kenyans have continued to disown their true Heroes for decades, it is possible that the US would not be where it is today. When George Washington fought very hard for the American people,  the Americans Embraced him. So, after the Americans took that first bold step to honored, to respected and to allow their Hero (George Washington) to lead them and to set an example of good leadership, they helped themselves in the laying down of a very strong foundation for their Nation. Kenyan leadership needs direction and Kenyans have to learn from other Nations like the USA and from the past history of other successful leaderships in other parts of the world.
Unless Kenyans change their current attitude towards their Heroes, there is no way Kenya will ever prosper with this culture of abandoning their Heroes who are the right people to provide leadership direction for the Nation. Kenya has never had a true Hero as President. Therefore, Kenyans should now try to elect a true Hero to the position of the Presidency of the Nation, and I am fully convinced and I am sure, that for the first time after decades of turmoil of corruption and other vices, everything will positively change in a very short time.
Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

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