Kenyan company making it Convenient for Diaspora signup for services in Kenya




There are very many Diaspora that desire to do better for their families but why are they not successful ? Finally Diaspora have a professional way to get things done in Kenya.


·       So why is it so complicated to do a simple thing like insure you family members in KenyaIt is often a task, and sometimes not successful – to get family to do things.  So how would you get them to send you a copy of their Kenya ID or to attend a medical checkup ?

·       For those whose families have Insurance Policies, why do so many fail to renew on time ?  Inefficient customer service is the #1 cause of failed renewals – including slow responses and additional requirements for Diaspora.

·       Family is Diaspora’s best partner in getting things done in Kenya. They do our errands as a favor and we therefore cannot hold them accountable for any delays.  Also, family is not always educated on the topics we engage them in.  They also doing this as a favor therefore not being accountable for how long it takes to get things done.  Also, involving family would make them aware of funds and in the event of the Claim, they may “earn” a say in how to use the funds.



Why is WIN Pamoja so successfully in getting Insurance done for the Diaspora ?

·       Family IDs are provided during Claims – not application timeThis means that during application all you need is the Name and Date of Birth of the family member. You don’t need them to send anything to you.

·       Reminders are sent to each Policy Holder to make sure that they renew policies on time.

·       WIN Pamoja has offices in Nairobi Kenya.  This allows Diaspora to have their services handled in a professional manner and document handling managed upto the doorsteps. No need to rely on family anymore.

·       Privacy is one of the leading benefits of using WIN Pamoja. By using “non-family” entities to engage in services, is very popular with Diaspora. Having privacy allows Diaspora to allocate the funds as they see fit – without family influence.

Contact WIN Pamoja at or call +1-224-484-0146 (USA)


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  1. njuguna says

    we should be careful as we cannot tell who is a conman so let us not be receiving everyone who claim has brought goodies for kenyans in diaspora

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