SHAPING OUR DESTINY-Life’s Management God’s Way

SHAPING OUR DESTINY-Life’s Management God’s Way
As Christians we need to make decisions that will change our lives. These decisions are threefold.
1. When we decide to give our lives totally to Christ.
2. When we decide to be all we can be in life. This is when we refuse to settle for less than we can be.
3. When we decide to raise our standards, our values and our expectations in life.
This will be the beginning of an exciting journey towards our destiny, a journey that could take us to many nations around the world. These decisions could enable us to meet people who can help change us and bring new adventure and excitement into our lives.
There is power in making a decision. Everything that happens in our lives, including success or failure, begins with a decision. Our destiny is shaped by our decisions. The decisions we make today will determine our tomorrows, the future. For example, what we are today is the result of our past.
We may have decided to go to high school, college or Bible school, or perhaps not to. We may have decided to get married, have children, or perhaps not to. We may have decided to buy or to build a house, or perhaps not to. We may have decided to make a career move, go into business, or perhaps not to. We may have decided to get into debt, or perhaps not to.
Every decision we make has an outcome. The decisions we make, not our environment, will determine and shape our destiny. There are thousands of testimonies of men and women who have succeeded in life despite their limitations, poor environment and disadvantages. There are those who have become failures in life in spite of all the advantages they had. Our decisions, not our environment, will determine our destiny.
A. Taking Action
When we make a decision, that decision has to be followed by action. It is our action, not mere words that make our decisions powerful. Every action we take produces either a positive or negative result. We reap what we sow. If we want to change our lives, we must take actions that will produce the kind of result we desire. Different actions produce different results. We can become what we want by paying the right price. If we are not happy with what is going on in our lives, then we need to stop

By Bishop Stephen Njenga/Diaspora Messenger Contributor

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