Christians in Africa: Trump Should be a Friend?


Though removed from the New York City streets consequences of a Trump win, the African will definitely feel the effect of a Donald Trump win. The American president has always had an effect on global issues and especially matters relating to the African continent. The chaos in North Africa to the poverty and disease in Central, East and South West Africa has been part of the driving force of United States foreign policy.

More to this is the historical relationship between the United States Presidency and African Social issues. Since the election of Barack Obama the United Nations policy on global morality has been injected with steroids to try and change the African concept of historical definitions. Within the African society, the natural observed norms were the guiding light to ‘political and social policies’. Back in the late sixties and early seventies, the west introduced to Africa the mini skirt. Women begun to ware these above the knee dresses causing a major political revolt. Kenya’s president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta banned the wearing of Mini skirts.

Though this may sound simplistic, African moral concepts remains simplistic ideals. The male domination of every aspect of life in Africa remains a thorn in the flesh of progressive democratic feminists like Hilary Clinton and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren. The Western theory on feminism bases its opposition on its belief that Christianity has indoctrinated humanity to demean women. Attending the Fourth Presbyterian Church on Chicago’s magnificent mile, a beautiful sanctuary whose pipe organs explodes into absolute praise, the lady pastor proclaimed, “The writing of St. Paul need not be taken laterally. In fact it is safe for us to assume that that which St. Paul wrote is not absolute.”

Her sermon was opposed to Paul’s hierarchical presentation of Divine order: The man as the head of the household, women should remain silent in the church, elders must be husbands of one wife, women were made by God as helpers . . . etc. To the feminist, including this Presbyterian clergy, the only way to have equality of the sexes in to eliminate the Genesis narrative and St. Paul’s writing. They view the bible as socially oppressive to women. Their agenda is therefore to remove from the earth historical Christianity because unless biblical message is removed, women will continue to be submissive to their husbands and men will continue to be the dominant power on earth.

To the African, this is a bunch of ‘hadidhis’. The African cultural context has always relied on the observable natural norms. Men are created with a complete different identifiable anatomy and physiology from the woman. To the African, a man is a man and a woman is a woman. Their roles are different even within nature. A woman gives birth to the next generation of humanity nurturing it with her identifiable breasts, which men do not have. This natural principle translates into the home where the women nurtures the family while the man, given his physical masculinity oversees all things: security, providence, and love. It is this natural theory that Paul accounts as Divine, “men love your wives”. This means being the benevolent overseer of her (family) as the Lord is the overseer of the Human race.

United Nations has formed a “police force” to monitor the “Moral” aspect of the political world. According to its mandate, Men are not men and women are not women. There is no established norm that defines men, women, family, love, hate, or care. That which is true is not a natural norm universally ‘equal’ to all. Rather, that which is normal is that which the individual chooses to be normal and that which the United Nations decides qualifies as normal. Therefore if a man wants to be identified as a woman, he should be identified as thus in absolute ignorance of his anatomy and physiology.

If Hilary Clinton had won the elections, Christians in Africa who espouse the Biblical definitions of what IS would have found themselves at war with rules and regulations that would criminalize their historical adherence to obvious definitions of things, including women, men, children, family and even dogs.

Given US vice president Elect’s adherence to Evangelical Catholicism, African Christians can thank God that the Bible will socially and politically remain the inerrant word of the Creator!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)
CEO Bibilia Broadcasting Network BBN TV (Kenya)
HTBluff Associates
Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist.

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