Comedian Eric Omondi was on Thursday roasted online for posting an image of himself on a cross as the thief who was crucified alongside Jesus.

Despite captioning the photo with a biblical excerpt, Mr Omondi was accused of blasphemy by his Instagram followers.

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Mr Omondi had captioned the photo; “Thief on the cross” advertising his new cover of Sauti Sol’s Kuliko Jana hit.

He later released the cover on Friday insisting that he acted as the thief who was forgiven by Jesus.

Here are some of the reactions from users who blasted and defended the comedian;

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shaolintemple87 commented; [email protected] I even wonder if you believe in Christ again?.I don’t see the humour in this.Anyway let me work out my own salvation.”

Arismccoy added; “There are things you don’t even dare make a joke out of them and this is one of them ….line crossing … Not funny at ol.”

_chiko_june stated; “Chill out people ???…It’s not been written Jesus or anything. .it’s the thief woii”

Javanjnr commented; “There are borders mazee,hakufai kua na jokes ikikam story ya cross.”
joy_mutuku added, “This is blasphemy. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Joke with other things and not the cross @ericomondi.”

liz333180 stated; “There is a book authored by Ngugi wa thiongo with the same title. Take it easy pple.”
Mwangijannette questioned, “Really [email protected]…. Why are you so desperate for attention???? It’s sickening.”

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Randanje stated; “I don’t find it funny when you involve God and HIS son in this!! This is not try too hard cos this is Jesus my dear!!”

Benjiekib suggested; “Ingia kwa net utafute materials kaka..i think this is too much..pray to God to intervene in your life…”

Imillerraz added; “This is too much…aint funny atol …madness on another level…if you’ve run out of creativity ask for Gods intervension..”

cathy_matete commented; “Many of you dont understand. @ericomondi is using his art to draw people closer to Christ. Passing the message of the cross to the lost through comedy. I love it. Jesus bring conviction through this. Love how he has quoted scripture also. Go bro ?”

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jimnoon.magz stated; “Personally @ericomondi I am not happy. It’s through HIS blood that HE shade on the Cross that I am cleansed and saved eternity. Please ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness.”

vendesia1 added; “These cheap publicity stunts you keep pulling show a man who is desperate to stay relevant. Sad.”


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