Kenyan Purple Tea Set to Official Launch at ExpoWest This Week


Kenyan purple tea is a new type of tea that was recently discovered in Kenya. This new and unique tea belongs to the same plant family as the regular tea plant camellia sinesis but it leaves are purple in color unlike any other tea. As a result, Kenyan purple tea has high levels of anthocyanin, a compound found in reddish purple plants like blueberries, raspberries, purple grapes, etc. that is known to have powerful antioxidant properties. Kenyan purple tea also contains a unique polyphenol, GHG that is not found in any other tea varieties.

A quick online search indicates that this new tea has proven to be effective against widespread chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, hypertension, and neurological ailments. Scientific studies also show that Kenyan purple tea has more polyphenols and antioxidant activity than green tea or any other tea, with a radical scavenging rate over 51% more effective, and antioxidant activity twice as high as green tea. In addition, drinking Kenyan purple tea supports weight loss through the inhibition of lipase, the enzyme that breaks down fats for digestion and assimilation, as well as improving lean body mass and providing anti-aging benefits to the skin.

The Kenyan purple tea is a sub-species variety of the common tea leaf Camellia Sinensis of the assamica type. It is now being commercially grown at high elevations in the East African county of Kenya where it is able to absorb more ultra-violet rays from the sun which allows it to produce more of the beneficial, natural compound anthocyanin which gives it the purple color. It is only being grown in Kenya for right now. With a naturally low caffeine content, the Kenyan purple tea also has a refreshing and unique thirst-quenching taste and it is a perfect non-GMO alternative to other beverages and it has no additives and no known allergens.

Martin Kabaki, a native of Kenya who now lives in Jacksonville, Florida is working directly with the increasing number of Kenya purple tea growers back in his Kenyan homeland to pioneer the farming and marketing of this new tea. The Kenyan purple tea is only grown in Kenya for now. Mr. Kabaki’s goal is to enable poor Kenyan tea growers to finally reap the benefits of their hard work. Mr. Kabaki is the Founder and CEO of Kenya Purple Tea, LLC and he plans to officially launch Kenyan purple tea to the global market at the upcoming ExpoWest show in Anaheim, CA,

Mr. Kabaki was given a special invitation by ExpoWest to launch his Kenyan purple tea at their invite-only Hot Products Pavilion because he has such a new, unique and exciting product. The Kenyan purple booth number is M801. The Hot Products Pavilion is one of the biggest attractions at the ExpoWest show as it is where all the supermarket buyers go to scout for new trends in the food and beverage space.

UNFI and KeHE Distributors, the two largest distributors of natural food products in North America, have already jumped on board to help with the nationwide distribution of the Kenyan purple tea into natural health food stores, chain grocery stores, independent grocery stores and other specialty product retailers across the US. Mr. Kabaki’s goal is to move as much volume of this new product as possible and he is open to working with any other interested direct to store distributors and stores. Whole Foods and Trader Joes have already expressed interest in carrying Kenyan purple tea nationwide. Mr. Kabaki is also keen on getting his Kenyan purple tea into other healthy lifestyle stores like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, CVS, Walgreens, gyms, yoga studios, etc.

“For the last four years, I have been working very hard to develop a unique and proprietary formulation for my ready to drink Kenyan purple tea. The Kenyan purple tea is now available via subscription as a ready to drink bottled tea, whole leaf or leaf extract online at

After we launch the ready to drink Kenyan purple tea, my next plan is to launch Kenyan purple tea in tea bags as well as whole and loose leaf tea for both the retail and international export markets. This new tea will definitely be a game changer in the global tea industry as this is the biggest innovation in the tea industry in many, many years.” said Mr. Kabaki.

“We made a decision to officially launch at ExpoWest because it is the biggest retail tradeshow event in the industry and it is also co-located with the Engredea, an event that is focused on ingredient innovation. Kenyan purple tea leaf extract has already found numerous applications in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries and I am actively pursuing that avenue as well.” added Martin Kabaki

Amelia Bay, a beverage industry leader in tea formulation processes has partnered with Mr. Kabaki to develop the ready to drink bottled Kenyan purple tea which comes in a 12-ounce glass bottle. It is available in five different flavors – Unsweet, Sweet, Sweet with apple flavor, Sweet with lemon flavor and Sweet with mixed berry flavor. Alternative Laboratories, a nutraceutical and co-packing powerhouse in Naples, Florida will be handling the quality control and bottling of the Kenyan purple tea for all the initial orders from ExpoWest.

“10% of our pre-tax profits will be donated to Kijiji Medical, our nonprofit hospital in Naivasha, Kenya. My hope is to help improve access to better quality healthcare among the poor, underserved and disenfranchised communities in the remote areas of Kenya. Kijiji started as a small dialysis clinic and we are currently working on expanding it into in a fully-fledged hospital by bringing in additional medical services like cancer care, vision care, dental, blood analysis, radiography, lab services and pharmaceutical which are virtually nonexistent in rural Kenya.” added Mr. Kabaki.

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