PRAYER PATROLLING OUR CITIES: As much as we have Emergency res-ponders, we need prayer res-ponders now more than ever! Our Nation America is on a verge of dire prayer need. I have never seen such an unleashing of evil spells to any good thing that is released to be done! CHAOS DOESN’T NEED PRAYER NEITHER DOES PRAYER NEED CHAOS.

In Genesis chapter one, the earth was covered with darkness and was void- full of emptiness and chaos. The Bible says, the Spirit of God hovered (moved) over the earth.

Secondly, God spoke, let there be——-. and so on and so forth. He spoke and order came! Today, you and me are God’s voice here on earth!

When chaos surrounds us and lingers over us as a dark cloud, we need to come together as a co-operate authoritative Body of Christ and speak, as God spoke!  That’s why we deeply feel that your participation in this up-coming Prayer Revival in Wakefield Massachusetts is so crucial.

Pastor Laban Jjumba and Dr. James Magara have been of the forefront of training many intercessory groups all around the world in prayer patrolling our cities to bring about divine results! Pastor Laban Jjumba especially is very much involved in the intercessors for Israel and he goes back and forth there teaching and training Churches in prayer patrolling Jerusalem, Telaviv and Bethlehem and other places. Tremendous testimonies are on record how God’s hand has supernaturally diverted targeted attack to the dry places! ONLY GOD CAN DO THIS! As a result, many lives are saved in Israel even as they daily go through rough days with their enemies! It is very difficult to get Dr. Magara and Pastor Laban Jjumba together. These are extremely very busy people who travel worldwide. Apart from the prayer ministry, they are both business men in their capacities. God has opened a door for us this Memorial weekend in May 2017.

Archbishop Joseph Alexander, is not only an overseer of many Churches in NY and worldwide but a very successful business man who now owns two New Covenant FCU Banks in the Bronx; schools; and is on the way to build a university. He has not only invested in prayer and prayer walking that city, but has received a revelation the the Lord to teach believers how to walk in the Spirit as you follow His instructions to bring forth results in your prayers in your community.
Dates will be Thursday 25th-Sunday 28th. FOUR NIGHTS AND FIVE DAYS. Monday 29th will be a public holiday, Memorial day, and breakfast will be served to you also.

Another blessing we have is accommodation in a five star hotel FOUR POINTS-SHERATON HOTEL,with excellent services, and all things will be under the same roof. Conference and accommodation. WE are blessed to have great rates for us.

  • Room sharing for two rate is $99.50 per night per person, includes bed, breakfast and dinner
  • Room sharing for three  (with a roll-in bed) rate is $90.00 per night per person, includes bed, breakfast and dinner.
Registration is $40 per person.  Go to the website and register please.
Click on events, then register.

If you need to share more people like four or five in a room please let me know, I work with the hotel to make it happen, so that it becomes cheaper for you on $ per night. Respond as soon as possible please.

I trusting that Mjumbe Ezra Karimi and Mjumbe Jane Karimi from Maryland will make arrangements for group bus travel or Air travel. Southwest Airlines  have a deal going for as low as $59.00 USD. Check it out. Pick and drop from and to airport is provided at no cost. Nearest Airport is Boston Logan Airport (BOS).
Some Bus companies have group rates as well, with discounts to seniors and other amenities. Wakefield is the city where the conference is. YOU CANNOT MISS THIS CONVENTION. THIS IS YOUR APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR DIVINE DESTINY. SO MAKE AN EFFORT TO BE THERE.

Blessing to you and your family.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Catherine Kalema

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