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President Uhuru Kenyatta did Kenya good service as required by the law by elaborating the limits of his role in dealing with corrupt leaders of different offices in his Administration, in accordance with the Kenya Constitution. He asked an Audience which comprised of the Judicial staff, the DPP office staff and the DCI office staff, whether there was anyone from those offices in the audience, who would explain to the Audience there, and to Kenyans in general, what exactly their offices missed, which prevented them from executing the law as far as their offices roles were stipulated, in the Kenya constitution.

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Uhuru rebukes agencies over anti-graft fight

President Uhuru Kenyatta also elaborated that his role in dealing with suspects of corruption in his Administration as lawfully stipulated in the Kenya Constitution, was limited to relieving the individual suspects their duties immediately they were mentioned,  in order to pave way for investigations without any interference, and in order to avoid any tampering with the evidences. He also  emphasized the fact that, he relieved all those who were ever at one time during his reign mentioned as suspected of corruption in his Administration, off their jobs, and that he had waited in vain just like all other Kenyans, to see action taken by those responsible and mandated enforce the law, after he did his part.
It is now the duty of the Kenya Parliament to set up a permanent Parliamentary Select committee, which should be mandated to make a follow up of the processes of arrest and prosecution of suspects of corruption, in order to make sure that within a period of only three months, the suspects are arraigned in court for sentence.  if enough evidence is adduced before the court they are jailed, and if enough evidence is not availed before the court, they are released. The select Committee should have the power to recommend action on anyone from those three offices, who fails to do his work well in accordance to the law of the land.
This is because some officers in the DCIO, in the DPP office or in the Judiciary, may be failing the President deliberately, or may be collecting big bribes from suspects, in order to relax the law. I wish the President had held such an interview earlier. We would have had the direction on how to successfully challenge corruption and other crimes in Kenya. But better late than never, his interview will help us to deal with certain issues now and in future. I thank President Uhuru Kenyatta for that interview and I ask Kenyans to listen to it fully because it is educative.
Isaac Newton Kinity.

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