The Main Types of Title Deeds in Kenya – Madaraka Homes

All our prices are inclussive of stamp duty and title transfer fee.


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The Main Types of Title Deeds in Kenya - Madaraka Homes
The Main Types of Title Deeds in Kenya – Madaraka Homes

The main types of title deeds in Kenya are as follows:

Freehold Title Deed: This type of title deed represents absolute ownership of the land or property, and the owner has full rights to use, develop, and transfer the property as they wish.

Leasehold Title Deed: With a leasehold title deed, the owner has the right to use the land or property for a specific period, as stated in the lease agreement. The land is leased from the government or another landowner for a specified term, usually 99 or 999 years.

Sectional title deed: a type of land ownership that applies to multi-unit developments such as apartment buildings, townhouses, or gated communities. It allows individual ownership of a specific unit within the larger development, along with shared ownership of common areas and facilities.

Here are our land projects with Ready title deeds:

  1. Malindi Breeze Gardens                1/8 Acre at Kes 100k
  2. Nanyuki plains                                    1/8 Acre at Kes 215K
  3. The Falls Rumuruti                            1/8 Acre at Kes 230K
  4. Juja Crescent Gardens                    1/8 Acre at Kes 845K
  5. Diani – Furaha Gardens                                  1/8 Acre at Kes 499K
  6. Diani -Beach View                           1/8 Acre at Kes 1.95M
  7. Diani – Beach View II                      1/8 Acre at Kes 2.75M
  8. Diani – Beach Front                          1 Acre at Kes 13.5M


We are offering a modern apartment in Ruiru. This Ultra-Modern apartment comprises of 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom units.


  • 1 Bedroom – 3.25M (Deposit 950K)
  • 2 Bed room – 4.25M (Deposit 1.25M)
  • 3 Bedroom – 5.25M (Deposit 1.55M)

The payment period is up to 25 months with 0% Interest.


The process of transferring ownership of land or property in Kenya typically involves the following steps:

Offer and Acceptance: The buyer and seller agree on the terms of the sale, including the price and conditions.

Letter of Offer: The buyer submits a formal letter of offer to the seller, expressing their intention to purchase the property.

Sale Agreement: Once the offer is accepted, a sale agreement is drafted, detailing the terms and conditions of the sale.

Payment of Deposit: The buyer pays a deposit as a sign of commitment to the purchase.

Searches and Land Verification: The buyer’s lawyer conducts searches at the relevant government offices to confirm the property’s ownership and legality.

Transfer Documents: The seller’s lawyer prepares the necessary transfer documents, which include the title deed and other legal documents.

Full Payment: The buyer makes the full payment as agreed upon in the sale agreement.

Stamp Duty and Transfer Fees: The buyer pays stamp duty and transfer fees to the government.

Transfer of Title: The seller and buyer, or their representatives, sign the transfer documents, and the title deed is transferred to the buyer.

Registration: The transfer documents are registered with the relevant government authority to formalize the ownership transfer.

Issuance of New Title Deed: After the registration process is completed, a new title deed is issued in the buyer’s name.


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The Main Types of Title Deeds in Kenya – Madaraka Homes

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